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THC-Infused Cucumber Lime & Mint Punch for Summer

Cucumber Lime & Mint Punch

I was contemplating the perfect summer cocktail… one that is refreshing yet full-bodied in the approach. This one is similar to a margarita - the cocktail, not the pizza! - and is safe to imbibe when you are not planning on driving anywhere.

This Cucumber Lime & Mint Summer Punch Cocktail is easy to drink and easy to make - but watch out if the temperature rises about one hundred degrees. It’s got a bunch of ya ya in it! 

This refreshing cocktail has a base of cucumber water, add to that a simple syrup made with agave syrup and mint with a squeeze of freshly grilled lime juice. Add to that some coconut water ice and THC. Yes, THC. If you have been following my writing for any given amount of time I could teach you to infuse THC into agave simple syrup. I do a 1:1, 1 cup of spring water to 1 cup of agave... you can use the Levo machine, one cup at a time. Decarb your cannabis then place it in the Levo to run a batch and voila! You’ll have THC-infused Stony Agave Syrup.

This drink should be prepared with those long, plastic-wrapped European Cucumbers. I’d get about ten of them and put them in your juicer, add fresh mint to the cucumber juice and cool in the fridge for a couple hours to combine the flavors. I try to make at least two quarts of this delicious juice at a time.

Meanwhile, decarb about an ounce of your favorite cannabis. Look at my fourth book, Cannabis Cocktails, Mocktails & Tonics for deeper instructions. You can use the Ardent, which gives you a perfect decarb every time. The Levo also decarbs, just in smaller amounts. Add the cannabis to the container per the machine instructions on the Levo and add 1 cup of the agave syrup to the vessel. 

Run the batch and cool - You will have the best THC-infused agave! 


  • 2 quarts cucumber mint juice (about 10 cucumbers)

  • 1 cup cannabis-infused agave syrup (~1oz of cannabis)

  • 1 cup grilled lime juice

  • 15-30 coconut water ice cubes

  • 1 bunch of mint


  1. Combine the cucumber and mint juice, 2 quarts if you can (strained please), with one cup of agave syrup.

  2. Cut limes in half and char over wood charcoal until just caramelized; cool and juice about a cup of this precious and delicious liquid.

  3. Combine with the agave and cucumber/mint juice.

  4. Chill down with coconut water ice cubes that you have already frozen overnight in ice cube trays.

  5. Garnish with grilled lime and mint and cucumber rounds. 

  6. Dammit, that’s good. 


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