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How To Make THC-Infused Simple Syrup

THC-Infused Simple Syrup

The first thing that you don’t do is stuff a whole bunch of weed in a bottle and hope for the best. What you will end up with is a thickly textured, green tinted glop that may or may not get you high. There is no finesse in this method, thus I do not recommend it. 

What I do recommend doing is decarbing your cannabis first before shoving it into the bottle. This method of applying heat in a closed container. The heat should be set between 230 and 260 degrees for at least an hour. This is called decarbing. The THCa is converted to THC using this methodology. Of course, if you have a technology solution, namely an Ardent or a Levo2, you already know about the power of decarbing your cannabis before infusing it. It is essential to decarb before you infuse cannabis into your simple syrup, Belgian Kriek Lambic Ale, or even that bottle of Chartreuse gathering dust on your bar. You can transform seemingly mundane bottles of liquor into things that will absolutely destroy you and your friends. Ask me, I know what can happen when unsuspecting drinkers find themselves blotto on cannabis libations. I call this activity the lack of common-sense. But you may see it otherwise. It’s not up to me to police you. Just don’t plan on using anything with wheels after mixing cannabis cocktails for yourself.

Just don’t do it. 

Infused Simple Syrup - for just about any cocktail. Refrigerated for up to two weeks after producing this simple to make syrup. You can even use maple syrup for a twist on the regular simple syrup, it is fabulous on your breakfast pancakes! Or Maple Syrup Sazerac! 


  • 1 cup spring water

  • 1 cup demerara sugar

  • 1 ounce decarbed cannabis in a cheesecloth bag, tied tightly


  1. In a non-reactive saucepan add the Demerara Sugar to the spring water 

  2. Add the bag of decarbed cannabis to the water/sugar mixture

  3. Heat very slowly to 160 degrees and simmer for at least 15 minutes, or until the syrup is the desired consistency

  4. Take off the heat and cool with the cannabis package in the quickly thickening syrup

  5. Add the cannabis infused syrup to a Ball Jar

  6. Refrigerate overnight sealed tightly with the cannabis pouch inside it

  7. The next morning please remove the cannabis pouch and wearing rubber gloves, squeeze all the precious THC infused cannabis liquid out of the pouch

  8. Use this sweet and buzzy treat in a steaming mug of chai tea for some extra kick! 

Use this syrup in cocktails and mocktails, also tonics.

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