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SB 1494 | Cannabis Policy

The month of July begins with Independence Day; a day to celebrate Liberty… Independence… Freedom. Three words that mean the same: Self-Ruling

Let’s take the time this month to celebrate, renew and strengthen… the freedom we have in our own lives.

We DO have the freedom in these:

* Choosing our Thoughts – it seems like thoughts “pop” into our heads and we don’t choose them… but we do. It becomes a habit to choose to think the same thought over and over and then the thoughts become beliefs which then affects our choices.

* Choosing what we Eat, drink and put on our bodies – a banana or some french fries? Body lotions with toxic chemicals to soothe your dry skin or healthy and simple  coconut or jojoba oil?

* Choosing how you Spend your free Time – alone to “re-group” and replenish your energy? OR spending time with loved ones?

And the biggest choice… choosing to be HAPPY.

Read on for some happy news because the state of Arizona has updated its Medical Marijuana Law in favor of patients.

On Friday, June 7, 2019, Arizona Governor Doug Ducey signed the bill, SB1494, extending the validity of the MMJ cards from one year to TWO. This means less money and time for Arizona patients to receive their MMJ card from the Arizona Department of Health Services (AZDHS). This will change the MMJ process for patients, the doctors who certify them and the dispensaries. This aspect of the bill will go into effect on August 27, 2019.

The bill also focuses on quality control, making it mandatory for dispensaries to have their products tested by a third party company for toxins such as mold, herbicide, pesticide, fungicide, heavy metals like lead and solvents like butane. This will be mandatory by November 1, 2020. It requires that the labs doing the testing be accredited nationally or internationally as well as certified by the Arizona Department of Health Services. 

Since the Arizona MMJ program went into effect in 2010, this is the first change to the program in 9 years. 

Now that dispensaries will have to test all products for toxins, this only helps the patient to receive the best quality medicine. Some companies have already been testing their products for purity on their own but now others will follow suit. The state now has to develop a Medical Marijuana Testing Advisory Council to carry out these new changes.

Some of the patients who come to the clinic tell me that they have been using marijuana for their health condition and buying it on the “black market.” They have a qualifying condition and want to become legitimate with the law and they want the FREEDOM to choose what they want at a dispensary. This freedom helps the patient to have the choice of marijuana strains and products to purchase that they want to consume. Some of the marijuana on the streets that is being sold is of unknown origin and strain and may adversely affect the person. For example, a sativa strain may cause increased energy and possibly paranoia in someone, whereas an indica strain may cause drowsiness and help with pain and offer relaxation. It’s important to know what you are consuming. When a person has their MMJ card, they can experiment on their own terms with different strains, using rubs and ointments for pain relief or maybe microdosing with a tincture or a small breath mint infused with THC.

We celebrate FREEDOM

We celebrate a positive change FOR THE PEOPLE of Arizona.

Kimberly Landino

Dr. Kimberly Landino has been practicing Naturopathic Medicine in Arizona since 2001. She certifies patients for their MMJ card at All Greens Clinic in Sun City, AZ. Click here for more from Kimberly Landino.

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