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Quarantine Joints: Grow Sciences Stimulus

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Have you ever had a parent who knew how to encourage you, a significant other or a friend who was your greatest cheerleader? That is who Grow Sciences is to its patients, as well as a large piece of our industry. They are down to earth, good people who only want the best for you and yours. This is shown in their commitment to clean medicine, vacuum seal jars, and their premium lines of hash or rosin, as well as rosin vape pens. In a time where a global pandemic, sorry, GLOBAL PANDEMIC!! Is our daily struggle as people, a country, and society as a whole? Grow Sciences was ready to come in to help those that were affected early and hard by the stop of day to day life.

They put out the call to everyone to tell them about what was happening, and in all honesty it helped me to survive the initial adjustment to quarantine. My new job in the industry stopped with a hiring freeze, while the industry at large braced to be affected by our new life of social distancing. Getting a tour or finding those who wanted to talk to us about our publication, became harder, and I felt the struggle early. Journalism in any capacity is for the love of writing and what you write about, my own journey with writing here in Arizona MMJ Program was paused as our industry braced with guidelines though we’re deemed essential, many suffered changes. Some companies here in Arizona with poise and some like pigs to pancakes, while others saw an opportunity to do something great. Grow Sciences played into providing a stimulus to those in need. They decided to provide those affected with free cannabis.

This idea being batted around was both amazing and refreshing as they gained loyalty of many and the business of all. Their quality cannabis came as a quarter ounce of their Str8 Lemonade, and it was at a time when it was needed most. The requirement was to write in to explain your situation and how you were initially affected by the pandemic. As a result, some people were helped, and learned of how the quality of Grow Sciences was brought to them for the sake of helping to ease the strain of a global health emergency. Utilizing 3 dispensaries in the Phoenix area, The Local Joint, Health for Life McDowell, and The Holistic Center, a total of 395 patients were helped in the first round. In the second round of the stimulus in Tucson, Grow Sciences worked with Harvest of Tucson to provide medicine to 200 more patients. Some stats about who was helped are 30% have lost their jobs entirely, 31% have been furloughed, 23% have had their hours reduced. Of the 106 individuals with one or more children, 57% or more have lost their jobs or been furloughed. 52% of those affected are in the food industry while 19 individuals said that they and their spouse lost their jobs or were furloughed.

Looking at the data, all are affected, and no one is safe from the measures taken to prevent spread of the virus. Quarantine is no small adjustment, and we have to look forward with positivity. Life changes as our habits change while we adjust, and adapt to those changes to protect ourselves and our patients as a result. Grow Sciences helps to make this possible, they have recognized our struggle while helping to guide us towards an end result. Using great empathy as well as great wisdom, we move together towards a higher standard for our health. We work to protect each other, while also feeling the result of quarantine on our lives as patients and within the MMJ industry. I can only thank Grow Sciences while they’re working to make the best of our situation no matter how difficult it might be. I can only hope that everyone is able to stay healthy, while we ponder our government’s choices, and see the end result for ourselves.

Adrian Ryan was born in New Mexico and attended school since elementary in Arizona, his time growing up split between the two states. He hopes to work towards recreational cannabis, enjoys reading, writing, film, music, and also writing music.



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