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Call Big Deuce | Hemp Elixir - Mint

Call Big Deuce

Call Big Deuce | Hemp Elixir - Mint

There is no shortage of CBD tinctures on the market. When looking for the best product for your needs, there are a few factors you can consider in order to make an educated decision about which brand to purchase. Quality starting ingredients, from the hemp to the MCT oil that the cbd will be contained in. This is why we like Call Big Deuce from famed NFL Player Deuce Lutui, the attention to detail where it matters most. Call Big Deuce uses CBD from pesticide and chemical free hemp, creating a simple and clean product - what we really want from our CBD Tincture. These tinctures are also available in Full Spectrum CBD, without flavor, and in two different formats - 1000mg CBD & 3000mg CBD. Read about Deuce Lutui, CTE and the NFL, and CBD treatments on pages 12-17 and check out Call Big Deuce at

1000mg CBD Isolate

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