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Quarantine Joints: Community Sponsorship, Round II

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Jan 2022 Update: Local Joint dispensary was acquired by Zen Leaf in 2021. Don’t worry, the local team started a small-batch, single-source cultivation and continues to make the products you know and love under the LOCAL Brand. Visit for more information.

Over the course of 2020, many have been afflicted with issues stemming from the global pandemic, but there has been light in these dark times. Vendors and dispensaries have been reaching out to give back. I’ve written about Grow Sciences and Local Joint helping our community with stimulus and sponsorship over the past few months, as well as how it has helped those in need. The scale and reach of these giveaways were vast, and it had a deeply personal element fueling it, people honestly caring for one another during a crisis. This was backed up by those being helped by this assistance, but as we face uncertainty, the question I kept facing was; Will there be more? Yes, we at The Cannabis Cactus want to help, so we are working with Local Joint to announce the next round of Community Sponsorship that you could earn! I will break down the details, and what you need to do to potentially earn your place.

Local Joint has coordinated, planned, and has rallied patients along with several vendors to help a stranger in need, a “Pay it Forward” fundraiser was organized as of July 15th. Patients were asked if they’d like to round up their ticket to an even dollar amount to put towards future Community Sponsorships, Charities, and future Medical Card Sponsorships. This has enabled Local Joint to make these sponsorships possible, along with vendor donations that will include: High Grade AZ, Defi Edibles, Select, Nectar Farms, Grow Sciences, Pure, FlavRX, Nature’s Medicine, Good Things Coming, Sublime, Love Carissa, Uncle Herbs, Chill Pills, Item 9 Labs & Tierra Grow; with Puffco, who will be donating a Peak for a Participant Raffle, we will randomly select a Sponsorship Participant to win. Also being provided with all sorts of medical cannabis products, will be gift cards to help patients with other financial needs such as groceries, shoutout to Select for donating cash. The focus will be the same as the first, to help those who depend on cannabis but have been affected by the circumstances of Covid-19.

Hype and excitement aside, you as the patient need to do your part to participate and possibly be involved with this opportunity. Sponsorship will be for local pickup only, meaning Phoenix or its surrounding cities only, and understandably as this dispensary is in the heart of Phoenix at 42nd street and University. Patients who wish to participate must have a Valid State ID and AZ Medical Marijuana Program card to sign up, it must not expire before 8/31/2020. The online signup will be announced with a link on the IG bio of @localjoint_az, or on their website, with sign-up taking place on August 19th, 2020; Opening at 7am – Closing at 11pm. Patients will be required to enter information, such as name, DOB, employment status, and other details to be eligible. Patients must also provide a short description about how their lives have been affected by the recent events so decisions can be made on who deserves priority. If you are not chosen, or face other challenges, Local Joint will be following up with everyone who needs help. The important part is following the steps above so your voice is heard, moving forward with gratitude, and remaining patient while the program is optimized to find those patients who could benefit the most right now.

The situation for many has been dire, and my excitement working with leadership at Local Joint cannot be emphasized enough. This is a dispensary with original ideas aimed at taking care of the patients, as well as the larger community here in Phoenix. The unique opportunity available to patients affected by the global pandemic is local, and compassionate. This is your chance as a reader, patient, and consumer to reach out for a hand during a time when challenges are not only constant, but ever changing. I wish all participants the best, and it is my greatest hope that those in need will find relief with the help of Local Joint along with all the donations from Community Program sponsors. Many thanks to those who are aware of the struggles happening, those who have the empathy, and ability to reach out to help. You are truly appreciated as well as recognized by your community, and to best illustrate how, I’ve asked that they show us how the first community sponsorship helped!

Adrian Ryan was born in New Mexico and attended school since elementary in Arizona, his time growing up split between the two states. He hopes to work towards recreational cannabis, enjoys reading, writing, film, music, and also writing music.


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