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Modified Banana Preroll by Shango Cannabis

Modified Banana Preroll | .7g Whole Flower Shango Cannabis | Where: Valleywide

This pre roll was thoughtfully sized, priced and packed with fresh single strains of flower. Rather than using the leftovers for joint production, this team is using a dedicated flower supply to make single strain pre rolls to match their menu. I tasted fresh rolled cannabis the second I lit this joint. Shango is supplying several pre-rolled strains in addition to this hard hitting Mod B. Frosted Donuts and several others were on shelves at the Harvest location. The .7g weight is perfect for one heavy user or two casual users to catch a solid buzz. The flavor and freshness are well preserved and the high was well received by my group. I recommend these joints for more than just convenience sake. By Michael Cassini@EditorInCheef.


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