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Loud Pax | Sour Strawberry Pie

Sour Strawberry Pie

Loud Pax | Sour Strawberry Pie

With a respectable 16% THC and 18% total cannabinoids, this bud packs a punch without breaking the bank. What sets Sour Strawberry Pie apart are its standout terpenes, which provide a delightful treat for the senses. And priced at just $20 for an eighth, it's an absolute steal. This hybrid strain offers a perfect balance of fruity flavors and kush-like effects, delivering a delightful combination of body and head highs. From the moment you take that first hit, you'll be transported to a world of sweet, euphoric bliss. The value for money here is unparalleled. At $20 an eighth, you're getting top-tier quality without burning a hole in your pocket. We even made sure to capture the moment with photos of the ripped-open mylar bag, showcasing the beautiful nugs we scored from the dispensary. Nirvana Cannabis' Sour Strawberry Pie is hands down the best $20 eighth we've come across. Don't miss out on this amazing deal—it's a must-try for any cannabis enthusiast looking for quality flowers at an unbeatable price.

3.5g Mylar Bag


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