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Hi Days | THCV/THC Gummies

Hi Days

Hi Days | THCV/THC Gummies

Hi Days Gummies from Sunday Goods are a game-changer for daytime cannabis enthusiasts. With each piece packing 10 mg of a potent blend of THCV and THC, these gummies offer the perfect boost for focus, energy, and productivity. The 2 g pack, with a total of 20 mg, provides just the right amount for a pick-me-up without overwhelming effects. Plus, the option of 100 mg 10 packs ensures flexibility for different dosage preferences. The two flavors offer a delightful taste experience, while the unique blend of cannabinoids promises an engaging and energized day. These gummies are a must-try for anyone seeking a functional and enjoyable cannabis experience.

2pcs x 10mg=20mg Total THC


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