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It’s all about vibration, man…

We have a tendency to place emphasis on the care of the body, while caring for the mind and emotions perhaps… is not so much a conscious effort. If your back hurts, you don’t do that yardwork right now. Instead, you rest your back, maybe apply a MMJ topical rub or patch, or soak in the hot tub. You wait for the pain to subside.

But when it comes to your mind and emotions, what do you do when you are just plain negative with your thoughts and words? You know, the complainer. The one who is “negged out”. The “Debbie Downer,” the one who makes others want to turn away from them at times. The miserable one. Sometimes we don’t even know we are that way until we are around people who are happier. It helps to consciously start observing our thoughts. Afterall, we do not have to believe every (negative) thought that we think…

What do you do to raise your thoughts from negative to positive?

Here are a few tips:

High Vibrations - Sleep

  1. SLEEP – Sleep is a cure for most things. Lack of sleep can make for a negative demeanor.

High Vibrations - Clean

  1. CLEAN – Start with your body by taking a shower or bath. Clean the bedroom and the rest of the house. De-cluttering lightens the energy of the home. Having a clear space is good for high vibrating.

High Vibrations - Laugh

  1. LAUGH – Watch a comedy or videos of puppies, kittens or kids being cute. Or maybe watching people fall or trip really makes you laugh… Laughing is a release of energy and can “clean up” the negativity as well as releasing stress from the body and strengthening the immune system.

High Vibrations - Pray

  1. PRAY – When we pray and put faith and hope in God or the Universe, then the pressure is taken from us to find a solution for everything that our life presents. Letting go of any anxiety is a good way to release negativity and prayer can do just that.

High Vibrations - Burn Sage

  1. BURN some SAGE – Sage grows wild in our Sonoran Desert and it can be dried and burned in the home to clear the air of any negative vibes. It’s called smudging or saging. Stores like Sprouts and Whole Foods also sell sage bundles for this purpose.

High Vibrations - Salt

  1. SALT – When you go the beach, do you feel an immediate change in how you feel? Sea salt can be added to a bath or used on the body in the shower in the form of a salt scrub. Some people need the water and salt on their bodies to change their vibration. Placing salt in the corners of a room with some baking soda for 24 hours will help absorb odors as well as cleanse the air.

High Vibrations - Feet on the Earth

  1. FEET on the EARTH – Go stand or walk on the grass, beach or in puddles in bare feet. Connect with the Earth. This sounds so simple, but our indoor living has to be balanced with the good vibes that only Mother Earth supplies. A waterfall, the woods, the beach and rivers all put out negative ions (negative ions are a good thing) which makes our vibration positive.

High Vibrations - Get it Out

  1. GET it OUT – Write down your negative, anxiety filled thoughts and feelings and get them out of your circling thought process. Or while alone, say them out loud or scream them while in your car. Whatever works for you as long as it’s done without hurting anyone else. Talking to someone who loves you about what is “on your mind” – even if it is your cat or dog – can be very cathartic. If it is a counselor that you need to help you to digest life and learn coping skills, then seek out the help. It could be lifesaving.

High Vibrations - Move

  1. MOVE that BODY – Whatever you do to move will help… just move. If it’s a pillow you want to punch with the intention of releasing the negativity, or if you want to do yoga for 30 minutes at home, do it. Emotions can get stuck in certain parts of the body. The hips and low back are a common place for emotions to be stored. Doing some back stretching and Hawaiian Hula like dancing moves to get the hips loosened is a good thing.

High Vibrations - Smile

  1. SMILE – It’s like playing Dominoes. If you smile, then those around you do and a simple thing like that brings in those positive vibes. Smiling comes from the heart and when we share our hearts we are vibrating at a nice high level.

High Vibrations - Eat Raw

  1. EAT RAW – Eating cooked food and meat can lower the body’s vibration. Eating raw, fresh fruit, and veggies provides the body with living enzymes which vibrate higher than… a steak. When you prepare your meal for yourself or others, be mindful of your thoughts. Be present when washing, chopping and peeling. Put some good vibes into that meal.

High Vibrations - Thank you

  1. THANK YOU – Saying these words focuses our thoughts to the good in life.

Thank you for my breath. Thank you for clean, running water so I can shower, stay hydrated and quench my thirst (and make coffee, tea and prepare my food). Thank you for my ability to make choices. Thank you for the support that is out there for me and those that I love. Thank you for the mystery of life. Thank you for my resilience to change my vibration to a higher one. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

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Kimberly Landino

Dr. Kimberly Landino has been practicing Naturopathic Medicine in Arizona since 2001. She certifies patients for their MMJ card at All Greens Clinic in Sun City, AZ. Click here for more from Kimberly Landino.



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