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Glass Vegas Expo

Do you find yourself staring at all the cool glass bongs and pipes when you go into your local smoke shops? Maybe you have seen different forms of glass art such as sculptures, marbles, and even drinking vessels and kaleidoscopes. Once a year there is a huge expo for glass artists and glass lovers called the Glass Vegas Expo. The glass artists get to show their craft to not only artists and other like-minded individuals, but also showcase new work, designs, and projects to shops, and others interested in purchasing these items.

Events like this are phenomenal because artists get to explain the passion, inspiration, and reasoning behind why they do what they do. When I tell people I paid a thousand bucks for my Venom Rig made by Artist Sean “Glasshole” Witschger, some look at me like I’m crazy…and others understand. It seems in this glass game, the prices vary so much that a piece of glass can be a few hundred to even a few hundred thousand dollars. Some pieces are simple and some can be extremely complex with many man hours put in.

Collaboration between Laceface and Karma Glass

Being able to talk to some of these artists and get a better understanding of the glass game really puts things in perspective. Artists have to account for not only their time spent, but cost in materials including propane and oxygen to keep the torches running. It becomes costly, especially for the artists who do not share studio space and do it all independently.

It’s also cool to see the difference in glass from scientific to sculpted and even non functional. There’s an amazing artist who I actually had the chance to speak with named Lacey “Laceface” Walton, who makes both functional and non functional glass art that sells for tens of thousands of dollars. I must say although her rigs are amazing I am always blown away by her tree sculptures and different themed glass chandeliers. Last year she had a beautiful ocean themed chandelier on display I literally could have looked at for days, it was so detailed.

Another amazing thing about this show is you really see how big and diverse this industry really is. Many different individuals from many different walks of life could be seen admiring the same thing… glass. It was also cool to see these artists talk about new projects, and even other projects and doing other forms of art. There’s an artist named Gabriel Hodges who not only blows glass, but has created one of the most environmentally friendly foot petals to control oxygen level when blowing glass. There is also another well known artist named Blitzkriega, who was actually DJing on the final day of Glass Vegas.

There were a ton of different live paintings and glass art demos so those that have never watched could really see what these artists were doing. There was even a Boro Derby, where artists made derby racing cars out of borosilicate glass and raced them down the track. Although talking to many amazing artists such as Laceface, Eusheen, Crunkelstein, Ryan Teurfs and many others was definitely a blessing, and I am looking forward to the many opportunities that may come from it, the highlight of the trip was definitely the sessions.

Our good friends over at @Weirdflexglass rented out a suite at the palms with an amazing view of Las Vegas, and hosted the most amazing sesh with people from artists to collectors. Scott Deppe, the legend and one of the founders of Mothership Glass, even stopped by the boys to sesh. I got to rage some amazing pieces I never thought I’d have the opportunity to hit, including a piece by Canadian glass artist Stratishphere Glass owned by @swanktools (who is featured in our Cactus Approved section this month).

The homie Swank also tried to murder me with about a 4 gram dab of some of the best hash rosin on earth, out of one of the most beautiful pieces I have ever been able to hit – a Rye Glass also owned by swank, but I prevailed.

The Expo was amazing but catching up with friends, making some new ones, and seeing and hitting some amazing pieces of art really made Vegas fun.

Monster Truck was a $250,000 collaboration between @hoobsglass + @rockoglass + @castaglass + @iroczii @ickeglass + @sean_5050 + @nervglass + @ernieglass @carstenglass10 + @selbyglass + @bose_oner + @dwreckglass @coylecondenser + @saskiaglass + @utokian_society+ @malaquiasglass

The really great thing was seeing how many different people were brought together, and how many new friendships were made from an event by stoners for stoners, who love and appreciate glass art. I, for one, cannot wait until next year.

I just want to thank the staff of Glass Vegas for putting this amazing event together, especially Rachel who was more than helpful throughout the entire process. Thanks to all of the artists who took the time to speak with me, and Tyler and Jesse at Weird Flex Glass for their hospitality. Until next time, take care and stay high, and Vegas… see ya in a year.



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