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Dogs & Cannabis

The past year saw no shortage of hardship or loss, and nobody I know escaped its reach. Sometimes loss will strengthen you and reaffirm your beliefs. My good friend and canine companion, Tattoo, left our world after several battles in his lifetime which finally ended in 2020. He was a happy, good dog who would not want his memory to be one of sadness. Instead, he left me with peace about a great many topics like mortality, compassion, and cannabis. I was not a fixture in his life, but I was welcomed into his world with love. A large build American Bulldog, born in 2009, raised then finding out he could not move to a new apartment with his original owner. It was 2012 that he was lovingly adopted by the owner’s sister-in-law and her family, Tattoo had found a home.

Dog Tales

Dog Tales: Tattoo has a Halo

Tattoo was loved, as he lived a happy life to the fullest with naps, walks, rolling in grass, and a smile each day. He lived as a friend of the highest quality to his family, including the cats. His life was not always easy as he faced health challenges. A dog of light hair and complexion, he developed issues related to his skin in 2016. Hemangiosarcoma, a condition that affects dogs and other animals with light skin pigments resulted in Tattoo facing painful lesions and tumors on his legs. A veterinary doctor didn’t have much beyond a prescription and grim news of needing a biopsy to confirm that it was cancer. Being a warrior of good heart, his owner refused to watch this perfect dog suffer. She made a plan at the recommendation of a friend to begin treatment using cannabis medicine.

“His tumors dried up, and fell off”

The treatment was the 1:1 High CBD ointment and Tincture from Chronic Health, powered by Halo Infusions and Extractions that is usually meant for human consumption but is also safe for treating your dog or cat. Tattoo began treatment with a daily 25mg dose of tincture as well as a regular smear of the topical on his affected area of skin. It was almost immediately that his health improved, with the biggest difference being from the ointment. “His tumors dried up, and fell off,” his owner tells me. The result lasted for the next four years, with a noticeable remission that was kept with daily tincture until the end. In the end of 2020, I noticed my new friend was not only suffering from a pronounced limp, but also struggling to breathe. We helped him until he was able to see a veterinarian by increasing his dose which helped him to sleep peacefully. The doctor found that he had most likely developed bone cancer in his shoulder.

Dog Tales

The choice was made to put his suffering at ease, and Tattoo was put down at the advice of the doctor. He was made comfortable in the end using the tincture, which caught the attention of the doctor who commented about how comfortably sedated the dog was. The doctor expressed her desire to study, then incorporate cannabis into her animal treatment. She expressed a genuine support of his medical care, and commented that she voted for Prop 207. The available treatments and potential from cannabis or hemp-based medicine has not had the potential fully realized. The change will come as views change and research can be done. It is widely accepted that CBD for dogs can benefit a range of issues, from anxiety to pain management. The entourage effect is often cited as having the most benefit for animals, as well as broad spectrum plant derived medicine. The owner of Tattoo would sit down to tell you about the benefits if asked, but she believes in it enough to now work for Halo Infusions and Extractions.

Dog Tales

The impact of cannabis and hemp seems to be felt by everything in my life; friends, family, and the quality of that life we all enjoy. I found Tattoo to be quite the friendly dog, and sweet as he was kind. His life was greatly improved by the High CBD products from Halo, and as I read more anecdotal evidence of the benefits. I wonder to myself what research needs to happen for this impact by a medicinal product to reach anyone who needs it. I researched more on the tincture and ointment from Chronic Health and was pleasantly surprised. The 1:1 High CBD Tincture is the Errl Cup 2020 Winner: for Best Cannabis Tincture because Halo Infusions never uses isolate or distillate, they instead infuse their crude concentrate into a high quality, easily digestible vegetable glycerin. Their broad-spectrum crude concentrate glycerin therefore remains high in terpenes, cannabinoids, and phytonutrients from the original plant flower.

Dog Tales

The topical is made a bit differently, starting with the ointments being made by grinding whole plant material, combining it with base oils (olive oil, avocado oil, almond oil and hemp oil). The ointment remains all natural, including only thoughtful ingredients and high-quality essential oils. The High CBD Ointment is made with High CBD expressing flower which means you are truly getting the best for you or your companion. If you have a pet of a red to light blonde, white and grey hues of hair watch for new skin tags or rashes affecting your animals. Hemangiosarcoma accounts for up to 3% of canine tumors, and is a cancer of the vascular endothelium, the walls of a blood vessel. The average age diagnosis is 9 to 12 years of age. If you suspect something, speak to your animal doctor, and always research to explore your options.

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Adrian Ryan was born in New Mexico and attended school since elementary in Arizona, his time growing up split between the two states. He hopes to work towards recreational cannabis, enjoys reading, writing, film, music, and also writing music.

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