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Delta 8 Oils

Peace of Body. Presence of Mind.

Arizona legislatures put patients first in 2020 by updating regulations to keep innovative THC products, such as Delta 8 Oils, legal for trade and consumption. By contrast in Colorado, recently passed laws ban outright any THC products derived from industrial hemp containing Delta 8, 9 or 10 THC,. The confusion comes among lawmakers who have yet to realize that hemp and cannabis are the same plant. Cannabinoid infused products have varying therapeutic effects depending on how they are ingested.

Having personally enjoyed amazing pain relief results with Delta 8 Oils that I will detail later, we have done some research on Delta 8 THC to find out about the chemical bonds and changes that take place in the body when Delta 8 is ingested. We were interested in the difference between edibles, which pass through digestion, versus vaping or using a tincture. We see the benefits of Delta 8 THC, alongside CBD and traditional cannabis therapy, and want to help anyone interested in Delta 8 get the best products from the most reliable source.

To do this, we sat down with Arizona’s most reputable Delta 8 company, Delta 8 Oils, located in Camp Verde. I met with co-founder Sam Slosburg, who started Delta 8 Oils with his father, to learn more about Delta 8 Oils product history and future. The headquarters in Camp Verde is where the team process and distribute Delta 8 products to dispensaries around the state. Sam is arguably the top Delta 8 THC expert in the state.

As a premium, dispensary-grade product, Delta 8 Oils are only found in licensed dispensaries throughout the state of Arizona. Their tinctures and vape cartridges are varying blends of Delta 8 THC, along with a boost of CBD. When vaping Delta 8 THC, users can expect a calming and much less psychoactive experience than when vaping traditional cannabis products containing Delta 9 THC. It’s more of a body high than a head high, thus their mantra: Peace of Body. Presence of Mind.

Edibles made with Delta 8 THC are much more similar to edibles made with Delta 9 THC. This is why there is much debate about the legalities of Delta 8 outside of licensed dispensaries even though they are derived from hemp and have less than the required amount of Delta 9 THC to remain “legal.”

When Delta 8 THC is ingested and passed through digestion and the liver, it is converted into a byproduct known as 11-Hydroxy-THC. Both Delta 8 and Delta 9 THC are metabolized into 11-Hydroxy-THC when ingested in the body. This is what we know as an edible “high” that can be far more intense than inhaling cannabis. So in an edible, Delta 8 THC behaves just like Delta 9 THC. Again, this is why there are renewed legal concerns (not to mention safety concerns) with Delta 8 products sold outside of licensed dispensaries.

People interested in the medicinal effects of Delta 8 THC but who prefer not to vape and don’t want the edible high can get that from a tincture. A few drops are placed under the tongue and the medicine is absorbed directly into the bloodstream by way of the buccal Membrane (this membrane is found directly under the tongue and has the most nerve endings). Using this buccal membrane will bypass digestion and provide the therapeutic Delta 8 effects without psychoactive feelings. And the effects are almost immediate thanks to the nanotechnology used by Delta 8 Oils.

Where does Delta 8 THC come from and how is it made?

Delta 8 THC is converted from CBD isolate which is originally derived from hemp flowers. In the case of Delta 8 Oils, all of their hemp is hand-selected, US grown hemp that is processed into premium CBD, some of which is then processed into isolate that is transported to their chemist for processing into Delta 8 THC. Once the oil is tested (up to SEVEN times from seed to sale), the Delta 8 is infused into oils along with their premium CBD. These blends create different therapeutic effects for users.

Delta 8 Oils Products:


Relief – Red 6:1 THC/CBD

600mg Delta 8 THC 100mg CBD 200mg CBN

Balance – Blue 1:1 THC/CBD

400mg Delta 8 THC 400mg CBD 200mg CBN

Calm – Green 1:3 THC/CBD

200mg Delta 8 THC 600mg CBD 200mg CBN


Relief – Red 3:1 THC/CBD

1,500mg Delta 8 THC 500mg CBD + CBN

Balance – Blue 1:1 THC/CBD

800mg Delta 8 THC 800mg CBD + CBN

Calm – Green 1:20 THC/CBD

250mg Delta 8 THC 5,000mg CBD + CBN

“Delta 8 Oils are and will continue to be produced under the strictest quality and legal standards and will continue to be at the forefront of both.” The Slosburg Family, Delta 8 Oils

The Red Relief line are their highest concentration Delta 8 THC products, providing targeted day-long relaxation with their strongest full-body high. Patients and users who have tried this higher ratio of Delta 8 THC to CBD seem to find relief in symptoms from certain health issues such as Multiple Sclerosis, scoliosis, sciatica, gastrointestinal issues, and insomnia and PTSD. Some users have even found this to work well as a post-workout support as well.

Blue is Delta 8s’ Balance line is dual therapy that provides an amazing daytime or anytime high. These equal parts of Delta 8 THC to CBD seem to provide patients and users relief from migraines, pains from fibromyalgia and arthritis as well as back and joint pain.

The Green Calm product line of Delta 8 oils is more for the CBD user that’s looking for a little bit stronger more full-spectrum experience. These products are made with their 99.9% Pure CBD enhanced with Delta 8 THC for maximum all-day comfort of your mind and body. Patients and users who use this blend have reported relief of anxiety and insomnia as well as arthritis and pain.

Recently at a trade show in Las Vegas, there was much debate over the legalities of Delta 8 THC. Many booths were selling Delta 8 edibles and other ingestible products without having any testing available or proper licensing through the state. Though none of these products are actually FDA approved, some companies are much stricter on compliance and testing than others.

Like buying anything else, we recommend shopping with trusted retailers and producers. Buying Delta 8 from a licensed dispensary is the only way to ensure you have purchased the most thoroughly tested and highest quality product possible. We should note that Delta 8 Oils makes all of their testing results (COAs) available online.

Never buy Delta 8 from advertisements online such as pop up banners advertising CBD or Delta 8 products. It’s also important to note that you should consult a medical professional about the cannabinoids you are ingesting. They will not be able to offer direct medical advice in regards to these compounds but may have testimonials from other patients who share personal results.

Founding Delta 8 Oils Company:

Delta 8 Oils is a family company based in Camp, Verde Arizona. Originally from Missouri, Sam worked with his father and sister on obtaining a license for a medical cannabis dispensary. It was through this journey they met a chemist capable of processing CBD hemp flowers into Delta 8 THC. Their father Danny tried the oils and found them to be a helpful supplement for sobriety. Danny was battling with alcohol addiction and suddenly found relief unexpectedly from the Delta 8 compounds.

Patient experience suggests that Delta 8 THC engages more fully with the body’s endocannabinoid system, patients describe a peaceful body sensation while maintaining mental acuity. This is what really seems to be the most important factor with people who are looking for the beneficial effects of cannabis without the psychoactive effects of Delta 9 THC or may enjoy those effects but want a bit more mild effects.

Delta 8 THC primarily interacts with the CB2 receptors more than Delta 9 THC, which means engaging more fully with the body’s endocannabinoid system. The CB2 receptors are found throughout the entire body as well as the nerves and organs whereas the CB1 receptors are mainly found in the brain and nervous system. Delta 8’s uptake by CB2 receptors produces less psychoactive effects that may give you a nice mellow body high without the brain fog sometimes associated with Delta 9 THC. This is actually where the company Delta 8 Oils gets the saying “peace of body presence of mind.”

The primary beneficiaries of Delta 8 THC are users who need or choose to medicate all day long but don’t want the intense high Delta 9 THC produces. This makes Delta 8 THC most popular amongst the medicinal crowd, new cannabis users, seniors and 30-somethings looking for an all day experience. One of the main uses for Delta 8 THC is for its nausea relief and appetite stimulant, making it a great option for chemotherapy patients. The new cannabis user may find this as a great stepping stone towards Delta 9 THC and the effects it produces without being overwhelmed. What makes Delta 8 THC popular amongst seniors is the benefit that cannabis produces without the overwhelming high of Delta 9 THC.

What I really like about this company is they are not some gas station or online retailer. They start with selecting American grown hemp to craft their own 99.9% pure CBD isolate using an all-natural process free of solvents and harsh chemicals. After that, they blend it with the best natural terpenes and oils they can find. They perform a full panel screening at each step of their process and as a dispensary grade producer, Delta 8 Oils hold themselves to an extreme standard of reliability with every COA available online.

I personally enjoy the Green series, which is their lowest THC and highest CBD ratio. Both the tincture and cartridge combined worked wonders for the pain in my back. With two protruding discs between the lower vertebrae in my spine putting pressure on some nerves, I am almost always in a constant state of pain and after about 20 minutes I was almost completely pain free from only one of the recommended doses.

Thank you for reading, and thank you to the Slosburg family for inviting us to see their operations to help us understand more about the medicine we are ingesting. To find out more about Delta 8 Oils visit


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