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Cactus Fashion: 2ndhand Savages

The market of vintage is nothing new, but how those who do it are innovating every day. Patrick is a great example of a fashion pillar and doing it differently. During my time at The Mint, he was one of the first to approach me and establish that if I needed something, he had my back. He was also very vocal with feedback, questions, and answers on all things cannabis. Clearly Patrick is knowledgeable, but he also had a talent that wasn’t immediately clear, he dressed very well. His clothing was a style of yesteryear for anyone our generation or younger, and it’s because he knows how to shop to find everything you might’ve wanted to wear growing up but couldn’t. Pat’s business is various styles of the 80’s, 90’s, and 00’s that carry that nostalgia of cool while also being in great condition as well as being for sale. I get to ask him how he does it, and about the future of his boutique business.

Where do you work?

The Mint Dispensary

What is your business called and what do you do?

I go by 2ndHandSavages & I resell and collect vintage clothing!

What is the market for these old clothing styles?

I’d say a lot of the younger crowds right now are the main ones. I sell a majority of stuff online too. Locally, I’ve gotten the vision down so that any type of person could easily find something they’d like whether it’s vintage or a designer name brand.

What is the advantage of someone using your service?

Budget pricing for people that can’t buy something full price. I’m all about saving the next man or woman some money, so if you need something you’ve ever seen for a reasonable price I’m selling it at, then it’s all yours!

You work to curate a nostalgic collection aimed at those of us who grew up with these bands, athletes, cartoons, and teams, does that come from somewhere personal?

For sure! I’ve always been into fashion, so when I see stuff that reminds me of my youth, it’s definitely more of a memorabilia find at that time! I can say, my parents growing up always had some kind of hustle. Little did I know my step-father back in my teens was buying and reselling computer parts on eBay in the early 00s and he wasn’t even trying to turn that into a business, He was just trying to make a little money outside of work.

Any favorite or amazing finds while building your collection?

I would say my Champion Jersey collection! It grows and shrinks at the same time! Just because I’m always buying sizes that never fit me so I really have no choice than to sell them for players I’ve always seen but never actually owned. I’d say it’s my most unique, just for the matter of I’ve literally gotten every single jersey for about $20.

Do customers have a favorite brand or item?

I would say any T-shirt that has a 90s/00s Graphic… Or my Champion Jersey collection, I’d say! People go nuts when they see their favorite player in their exact size!

Are you a medical patient?

I Most Definitely Am!

Do you have a favorite way to medicate?

I would say at the moment I’ve been doing alot of edibles & RSO to keep my respiratory balance. But when needed, I’m most definitely a flower guy!

Any favorite products or places for your medication?

I would say when looking for edibles, The Mint Dispensary all day! Concentrates has to be Health for Life most def. Last but not least, flower! I would say my favorite brand when it comes to flower would be Aeriz!

Pat, do you have any advice for the average thrift shopper out there?

I would say if you have an eye for fashion, buy whatever the heck you think is going to sell! If you like it, it’s nice & you know people would pay for it, then 9/10 times it’ll sell to the average person looking to purchase clothes for a bargain price!

Where can people find you, and events coming up?

You can catch me on Instagram @2ndhandsavages or Facebook under the name 2nd Hand Savages Co. Shoot me a message whenever you’d be interested in purchasing anything!!! Stay Solid Folks.

I am a fan of thrifting, and more so of people finding the nostalgic styles that I look for when I do thrift. 2ndhandsavages is a unique business within our community that can give you a taste of yesterday while making it look good. I would encourage anyone with aspirations of being dressed fresh, while maintaining social distance to check out the shop online. Vintage fashions and new updates will have you picking up your favorite Team jersey or branded T-shirts that you weren’t able to afford back in the day. You can also see Pat at The Mint Dispensary Mesa location where he is available to talk medicine that can better your life.

Adrian Ryan was born in New Mexico and attended school since elementary in Arizona, his time growing up split between the two states. He hopes to work towards recreational cannabis, enjoys reading, writing, film, music, and also writing music.


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