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Weird Flex Glass & Art

So I met two guys Tyler and Jesse in a local shop not very long ago. As a matter of fact, I met them in April of 2019. We just chopped it up, talked a bit of glass. I bought what I went in the shop for and exchanged IG handles and just started following them. Little did I know I met these guys at the beginning of their heady journey, it’s funny because that’s about the same time I got into collecting heady glass. But in such a short time these two dudes came such a long way and formed their online heady glass and art business. 

Tyler and Jesse are Weird Flex Glass and have the most amazing collection of glass that I have personally ever seen. These two dudes bought a heady rig each and basically just knew this is what they wanted to do. The first American piece Tyler owned was a FrostysFresh colab he bought in January of 2019, just a month later Jesse bought a Glassfinger Studios and it all began. The Following month on March 9th of 2019, Weird Flex Glass was born. In April they hit their first sesh, a Mothership drop hosted by @sirhigh. They were on a roll but it didn’t stop there. They wanted to see more art but more importantly wanted to put more art out into the community. So with connections they made through working in some shops and meeting local artists at events they started selling glass.

The first drop they scooped was from Friday Glass and they just did not stop collecting heat, selling dope art and traveling back and forth between AZ and southern California. The boys at Weird Flex started going to the Los Angeles and surrounding areas meeting with other collectors and owners of shops that sold heady glass and hosted heady events. They just kept trying to meet as many people as they could which they still are doing. In a business with so many great artists and pieces of art and endless collectors I guess the goal is to never stop meeting people. So from their first drop they have built quite a collection and have many Artists such as Darby Holm, Eusheen, Shuhbuh, Sovereignty Glass and many more. 

On my visit, I actually had the pleasure of ripping my first ever Sovereignty tube packed with some Biscotti from Connected Arizona, which I must say was quite tasty, but that rip was so smooth I see why Sov Tubes are highly sought after. I’m not much of a drinker, but they hooked it up with a smoothie ale that was quite tasty but what I was especially fond of was the live hash rosin they let me hit, but even more so the rig. The Darby Holm and Eusheen Collab that they let me dab some super dank Papaya by Kured Extracts out of is absolutely beautiful, I swear I could probably stare at that thing all day. I can honestly say this was my first time hitting 120 dollar hash out of a 45,000 dollar rig, but most definitely will not be my last.

I don’t say that because I’m confident or I’m writing this up for them but because meeting with them and with all the hospitality they showed me these are genuinely great dudes. When we first started the interview I mentioned I had a fascination with terp pearls and had been slacking on getting some from a local artist Steve H. Glass that I’m a fan of and before I left Jesse handed me a UV reactive pearl set by the very talented Steve H. The guys also let me know about something really cool they’re doing to help the family of a friend that passed away who was a huge collector and really big in the heady scene that you should still go follow @tonytokestoomuch

Weird Flex Glass is helping the Family of Tony @tonytokestoomuchfam sell some old pieces to help make room for new additions to their insane collection. They will help anyone sell a piece of art and put it on their consignment shelf for just 10 percent of the price it’s sold at, if it’s not sold and you want your piece back, you will get it back in better condition than you left it in. Tyler told me no matter what, that is something he will always do and with their hospitality and generosity I believe it 1,000 percent. They also gave me a pack of @proswabs to help keep my bangers clean so you know the glass is always clean over at Weird Flex. 

With all that being said and this being a local business run by two guys who love heady glass and good hash, let’s celebrate the passing of prop 207 by supporting their business. If you’re a collector, hit them up for glass. Need to keep your glass clean, hit them up for some Pro Swabs. If you have those two covered and you’re local, hit them up. They might even be down to sesh and if you haven’t seen how the boys sesh then you need to go follow @weirdflexglass and @ryandoesdabs. If you’re not local, hit them up still, they ship to all 50 states and can probably still find you just about anything in the glass game. So I’d like to thank Tyler @wfg.pugs and Jesse @nowind_row for their gifts and hospitality, it was truly an honor. Definitely go give their accounts a follow and I’d like to thank Ryan @ryandoesdabs for his contributions with the pictures and just making cool content for us all to enjoy and share. Let’s have a Hashy 2021 everyone, Peace!


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