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Tart Pops Sugar Wax by Tryke

Tart Pops | Sugar Wax Tryke | Reef Dispensary

This sample from the folks over at our new sponsor Reef Dispensaries was actually quite impressive. Although the packaging and menu labeled these as sugar the crystallization that started to form was a bit larger, more like small diamonds. With there being very little moisture due to lack of terpenes there wasn’t really too much of a scent so I was not really expecting much flavor. I was surprised by the first dab though, for the fact of how flavorful it actually was. The flavor was that of a strawberry pastry and the effects were strong but more uplifting than sedative. A great purchase for a great price. I Highly suggest you order from Reef and be sure to look at their ad in the magazine for a special discount code when ordering online. By Arturo Delgado@tookkie_terpenestein.

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