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Stars & Strains: November 2021

Aries, Strength

White Truffle, Grow Sciences

Nothing can stand in your way. Your zodiac strain is aligned with a powerful energy, a combination of strong weed and positive thoughts, that bounces negative energy away from you. May your weed stash be fresh and your bong full all month long.

Taurus, Abundance

Sticky Bananas, Shango Cannabis

Be good and smoke well this month. The fall harvest has come and it’s time to enjoy the best fruits from the fields. You will grow in your relationships this month as well. Stay positive about the challenges that worry you. This is a time to celebrate and enjoy your loved ones.

Gemini, Explore

Kosher Kush, Mohave Cannabis Co.

Get moving! If you sit on the shelf for too long then you will become stale, it happens to even the best flowers. Life is meant to be lived just like good cannabis is meant to be consumed. Get out there and live your life with big intentions.

Cancer, Service

It’s great to help others but make time for yourself too. Take a slow down day for yourself. Smoke some good buds and buy yourself a nice meal. Try some nice edibles in the evening to wind down. Slow down, focus on relaxing or risk becoming a bull in a china shop. Plates will break.

Leo, Veterans

MK Ultra, Dutchie

If you are in the mood to help others, get out and support a part of the community. Your sign is aligned with a strong cosmic vibe that people will attach to. You can help someone with a smile and a puff of a joint today. It’s the Scorpio new moon that will affect your sign when Mars is visible in the night sky. Stay calm and smoke on.

Virgo, Social

Ice Cream Cake, Aeriz

The Jack Herer moon vibes are strong this month and this is a great time for night time joint chiefing. Your sign aligns well with social vibes this month and the new moon will bring extra energy to your social circle. Embrace this energy by taking your friends on a cannabis fueled journey.

Libra, Laugh

Mint Smash, Item 9 Flower

Somewhere out there you are being thought about. It’s weird but true. Someone is thinking or talking about you right now. Your attitude is infectious and you are fun to be around. Keep up the good energy and keep twisting up the fire flowers. Your vibrations are traveling through the cosmos far and wide.

Scorpio, Love

Wedding Crasher, Item 9 Labs

The weather is changing and the leaves are falling. All the lovely cactus are settling in for the nice weather in the valley. There’s romance in the air for your sign. Look out for secret admirers in your daily walk. Cannabis will always be your true love but there is room for another in your life.

Sagittarius, Forward

Orange Kush, Tru Infusion

You have been living in a kush dream lately and it may be time to snap out of it. Good ideas come and go everyday just like good nugs. You are only as good as your next project just like weed is only as good as the next batch. Keep moving forward in your best life!

Capricorn, Headstrong

Mint Chocolate Chip, Genesis Cannabis

Sometimes it’s better to ask for forgiveness than permission. Do not wait for others to guide you. Be smart about taking chances and go where your heart leads you. There will be missteps but you will find the way. It will feel amazing to chart your own path.

Aquarius, Friends

Sour Cupcake #2, Mohave Cannabis Co.

Tacos and cannabis are your two best friends this month. We are not sure why but your sign exhibits a strong urge for munchies in the cosmos. Your taco destiny lies within your hands but there are treasures greater than the tacos waiting for you to make a move towards them. The sun, moon and night sky will be your guide on this journey.

Pisces, Mellow

Secret Punch, Abundant Organics

The stars and planets have aligned with your sign perfectly to create a mellow zen high all month long. It’s amazing how your mindset affects the way you get high. Enjoy this chill time in life and use it to charge your soul for the approaching holidays.


Michael Cassini

Michael Cassini is the founder and editor in chief of The Cannabis Cactus Magazine. He focuses on community relationships with a goal to maintain a culture of love, peace and knowledge in the cannabis industry.


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