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Six Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for a Canna-Mom

Whether she’s your Girlfriend, Your wife or just a friend, choosing a Valentine’s Day gift for the special Canna-Mom in your life could be a bit intimidating. Do you get her a bong? What if she has enough glass? Does she need a new jar for her stash? How do you know she’ll like it? Something new to add to her stylish wardrobe? Where do you look? Don’t worry everyone, I got you covered! Take a look at these six Valentine’s Day gift ideas a Canna-Mom is sure to love.


A Florida based online store created and designed by women for their fellow Marijuanista’s. What’s a Marijuanista you might ask? Well, a Marijuanista is “(noun)- a lover of cannabis; devoted follower of fashion”. If that sounds like your girl don’t hesitate to check out this uniquely curated online store at where you can find trendy t-shirts that are easy for any Mom to dress down or dress up. You can also find limited-edition pieces, fun stuff like cannabis-themed coloring books, stickers, and sweatshirts with dope graphics designed by women and Art pieces by artist Diane Portwood. Perfect for the Canna-Mom that likes to add some fun to her day to day life.


Photo by Michelle “Chii Chii” Cera

Blunted Objects

Coming from Los Angeles, California Blunted Objects is for those who are not scared to make a statement. Does the classy Canna-Mom you’re shopping for need a vintage brass ashtray to add to her coffee table or maybe a rose gold embellished cannabis leaf case for her lighter? At you will find a variety of Cannabis themed accessories such as statement necklaces and rings that say “Lit” and “Trippy”, bracelets that double as roach clips, earrings, sunglasses and much more. If she’s the type to want to turn heads she’s going to love Blunted Objects.

Sublime Brands AZ

Sublime Brands is known for their high-quality Cannabis products and typically I would suggest an edible to get a Canna-Mom to relax but for this gift how about going beyond the tummy and going straight to the Stony Yoni *wink* *wink*. A few sprays of this massage oil infused with Champagne distillate will increase lubrication, sensitivity and arousal perfect for an intimate night. Not only will this magical spray lead to pleasure but will also promote vaginal health. Take care of her vagina this Valentine’s Day in more ways than one. You can find Sublime Brands products in all dispensaries across Arizona but be sure to call ahead to confirm because Stony Yoni sells fast!

Sublime Brands

Photo by Morgan English @thiscannabislife


Badbatchxo is an online boutique of affordable smoking accessories made by one Canna-Mom for another. Does the Canna-Mom you have in mind like to Dab? Elevate her dab station with girly dabbers, silicone dab mats that look like doilies or Q tip holders that look like flowers. They have it all at You can also shop for beautiful rolling trays, glass pieces, adorable carb caps and doob tubes. The boutique has so much to choose from but are all sure to make any Canna-Mom swoon.

Blunt Blowin Mama

Blunt Blowin Mama “Statement- making apparel for the stylish stoner” created by Canna-Mom Shonitria to further her mission to normalize Moms who consume Cannabis. Maybe the Canna-Mom you’re shopping for needs a bold clothing item for the finishing touch to her outfit. There’s nothing like a sweater that says “First I smoke weed then I do things” to express she’s a bad ass Canna-Mom. Head over to her store and see all that there is to offer so she too can join the movement to end the stigma.

Blunt Blowin Mama

Photo by Aleah Clark


Now you can’t forget the card to go with the gift so choose one from KushKards, which are Cannabis themed greeting cards. Not only does the card have cute sayings like “High Love You” but it also comes with a slot to insert a pre-roll and matches so she can spark up on the spot. A KushKard is the best way to show how much thought you put into showing her how much you care. If you are in the Phoenix, Arizona area you can find selected KushKards at the Urban Greenhouse Dispensary. If not, don’t fret go to to see a variety of KushKards to choose from.

There you have it, six different options for Valentine’s Day gifts to keep you from stressing. Happy Valentine’s Day to you and yours and remember you should show your love to one another every day as if it was Valentine’s Day xoxo.

Sabrina Rebolledo is a mother and cannabis advocate. She currently focuses on the stigma surrounding mothers that consume cannabis. Sabrina wants to make all mothers feel welcome to make their own decisions and to ignore the social pressures that make a mother feel insecure. Foller her @WHOLETMEBEAMOM on Instagram.



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