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Shannon of Green Halo | Interview

Every brand in Arizona works hard to serve their patients, and it is greatly appreciated by all. Some brands put in some extra effort, and are represented by not only some of the most knowledgeable people, but also the kindest. You often see them at events surrounded by others in the industry that have appreciation for these great folks. Others you might only know through social media where they make your day with great content, education, or just positive affirmation within our cannabis community. I take note of these people because they are so rare in real life, but more so in our cannabis family. I thought with spring and summer just around the corner that it’d be best for everyone to know; who does it best, who is dabbing them out, or who might know their medicine for upcoming events or when visiting their local dispensary. I hope that everyone has the pleasure of meeting and talking with those who are here to help us as patients, to find relief.

Shannon | Green Halo

Shannon from Green Halo

I had met Shannon for the first time at a MITA meeting and she is an absolute joy. She also works for and represents the prestigious Green Halo name. Education has never been done as well anywhere as it has been with Green Halo. With old school reps like Kyle and Jetty, the service of excellence continues now with Shannon and other OG Leo. Her great attitude and kindness are infectious; having smoked together, I had to take some time to get to know her, and why she works with Green Halo. If you have a chance to strike up a conversation, you will be pleasantly surprised by the quality of people in our community.

What’s your IG handle?

What company do you represent and what do you do?

I am one of the wholesale representatives for The Green Halo. I assist in packing orders, delivering orders to dispensaries, and working events as well.

What would you recommend people try from your brand?

Definitely our Chronic Health Line (tinctures, ointments and Roll-ons, which have received several awards since our inception. (True story: My American bulldog’s cancer went away after I gave him our High CBD tincture and applied ointment topically. It is truly amazing. OH!.. AND of course our Pure & Simple Juices- made of 100% organic, locally sourced produce.

Green Halo is known for great education, how do you make cannabis and education so easy?

Thanks! Murray Stein (one of our owners) wrote the educational pamphlets. Education is key! Leo – our wholesale rep- trains dispensaries in person. We believe in our products and the broad spectrum method. When you believe in what you do and the products you sell, that makes educating people fun. We all love talking to people about our products and why they work so well.

What changes in normalizing cannabis would you like to see?

I would like all people to respect it as medicine, and see the stigma surrounding pot smokers go away. Some of the most intelligent people use cannabis. I don’t like to see people abuse it, and smoke until they are obliterated. It is a balance for sure.

How old are you in pot years (how long have you smoked)?

I am one of the OG’s literally, About 30 in pot years.

Any hidden talents?

I play bass, used to be in a punk band called The Whorchatas locally. I like to sew, and have made some bikinis out of old rock shirts.

Any other favorite strains, products, or places to get your medication?

I am a flower girl at heart. Golden Goat is my all-time favorite strain, but I have been digging on some Beach Wedding by Grow Sciences I tried recently. Nectar Farms has amazing flower always.

You’re known to the cactus for brightening a room, what inspires that positivity?

Thanks for saying that- it makes me smile. I like to make people happy. Life is hard and I have been through some rough things, we all have. I truly believe life is all about the simple joys: things like finding a penny, or catching a sunset. I hug everyone. Positivity and love are contagious and I try and spread the love. Life is too short to dwell on negativity.

What changes would you like to see concerning new laws around cannabis?

I like that testing meds will become mandatory. I can’t believe anyone would try to sell moldy flower to sick patients. I would like to see it go recreational. 2020 is the year, I believe that!

What changes do you think will come with legalization?

I think it will force some of the mom and pop shops out, because they won’t be able to keep up with the big guys, which makes me sad. It’s already starting to be that way. I like to support the local guys as much as possible, High Mountain Health, White Mountain Health, Kind Meds, Debbie’s Dispensary, and Ponderosa to name a few favorites.

Where can people find you/green halo and any announcements/events coming up?

The Green Halo has a ton of events scheduled for April – it will be hard to miss us. Keep your eyes open! I know we will be in Flagstaff at High Mountain Health with Nectar farms on 4/17!

Catch Shannon’s Instagram and check out Green Halo so you can be the pinnacle of self-care during these strange days. When things get back to normal, whatever that was or may end up being; I hope you are able to connect with people working for our health and understand that they’re here to help. I imagine this is when our lives become more digital-focused than ever, but I urge you to place importance on human interaction because truly having people in your life, is what makes life worth living.



Adrian Ryan was born in New Mexico and attended school since elementary in Arizona, his time growing up split between the two states. He hopes to work towards recreational cannabis, enjoys reading, writing, film, music, and also writing music.



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