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Rozanna #2 Fresh Press Live Rosin by Superior Extracts

Rozanna #2 | Fresh Press Live Rosin Superior Extracts | The Superior Dispensary

Rozanna is the result of crossing Roze (rozay) with Banana OG. This solventless option from The Superior Dispensary seemed to lack profile at first but I feel like that is the case with most fresh pressed rosins. I find I enjoy the extract much more and the flavor comes out when letting it cure/butter up. This was definitely the case with this Rozanna. After letting it sit closed at about 80 degrees overnight this light yellow clearer taffy looking extract buttered up becoming a white yellow tinted creamy consistency. The Roze is all that came through on this one with a sweet floral scent with hints of earth the flavor was the same matching the scent to a T. Honestly not my favorite strain from The Superior but the effects were undoubtedly strong. Immediately I felt my eyes and shoulders drop and this is where the OG came in, very sedative after taking a couple dabs I really didn’t want to do much besides eat and raid the fridge and relax on the couch and munch out and watch TV. By Arturo Delgado @tookkie_terpenestein.

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