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Rick Simpson Did it First

“My name is Rick Simpson and I’m here to tell you about the most medicinal plant known to man: Hemp.” -Rick Simpson

I’ve been more interested in the origins of Rick Simpson Oil since taking it after major surgery to repair a broken hip and femur. Before then, I had only taken RSO casually, in small doses, which was great for falling asleep. After surgery, my body accepted the medicine in a much different way than it had before. Right away, I felt relief from the gastrointestinal issues that developed after surgery and antibiotics. The hospital pumped me full of meds to the point where my body was toxic and even digesting food became almost impossible. After my first 50mg dose, I was eating normally again and after one week had also lost about three pounds of stomach weight. I don’t know why this happened but my body was less bloated and inflamed from head to toe. This experience changed my whole view about RSO and I realized that I wanted to learn more about RSO and its creator, Rick Simpson.

Rick Simpson is well known in the world of natural wellness. His film, Run From The Cure, has helped inspire a new generation of cannabis activists. Simpson pioneered the use of concentrated cannabis oil medicine only to be indicted by Canadian authorities and harassed by corporate interests. Rick Simpson’s cannabis story began in the nineties when he retired from work, due to debilitating injuries.

“When you examine the buds from the hemp plant, you can see that it is covered in resin. This resin makes the buds appear to be covered in frost. This resin is the medicine. When collected and processed properly, the resulting oil is an effective tool for practically any disease known to man, even cancer.” -Rick Simpson

Rick Simpson worked as a power engineer, until 1997, after he suffered a severe head injury that affected his daily motor functions. Doctors put him on so many chemicals and pills that did nothing to help his frequent headaches and nerve pain. One day, he was watching an episode of The Nature of Things on public television, with host Dr. David Suzuki. The episode was called, “Reefer Madness II” and the doctor was showing people smoking cannabis to find relief from all kinds of ailments.

Simpson decided to try smoking cannabis, which was allowed under the Medical Cares Act of Canada. He found that cannabis worked better than any of the medications doctors were prescribing. He asked each doctor’s advice and they would tell hemp cannabis was too dangerous and unstudied. Rick wondered, “How could a plant that has been used medicinally for thousands of years still be unstudied and dangerous?”

Rick began having problems with balance and basic motor functions as a result of the side effects of pills prescribed by doctors. He was getting more relief from smoking cannabis than the doctor prescriptions but he knew he needed something even stronger. He decided to ask the doctor about the possibility of extracting concentrated oil from the cannabis plant. The doctor admitted it would be a concentrated way to use the plant but would still not give a medical prescription for cannabis.

“It’s a well known fact that cannabis is THE most medicinal plant on earth and it says in the Bible that man is given all the plants on this earth. How could any man be given the power to outlaw this?” -Rick Simpson

Rick went home and made his first cannabis extract but he was worried to use it because he trusted the doctors. The extract sat on the shelf for almost three years because Rick was afraid to use it. His physical condition eventually deteriorated to the point where the doctors had no more help to offer and Rick finally hoped, out of desperation, that the benefits of cannabis oil would outweigh any possible risks. Rick started ingesting small amounts of cannabis extracts and the results were effective right away. His physical pain, mental cloudiness and depression caused by the chemical prescriptions went away within one month. Rick kept taking the cannabis oil nightly and reported that his arthritis cleared up, his body returned to normal weight and then other improvements amazed him.

In the early 2000’s, Rick had skin cancer growths near his eye and cheek and on his chest that continued getting worse. Doctors wanted to operate on the growth near his eye first and then the other two growths. After surgery on his eye, the site began to get infected. Simpson wasn’t willing to repeat the surgery for the other cancerous spots. He had been producing and ingesting his own oil for about one year and wondered if he could apply it directly to the skin. He bandaged the affected chest and cheek area with cannabis oil and within one week found that both cancerous growths had disappeared. About seven weeks later, the initial spot on his eye came roaring back with more cancer. He treated it himself by applying a dab of cannabis oil and, for a third time, the cancer disappeared completely. The pathology report showed no more signs of skin cancer.

Simpson had heard a report on the radio that said “THC, the active ingredient in Marijuana, has been found to kill cancer cells.” The study he refers to shows that Cannabinol (CBN) and Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) were effective in slowing lung cancer growth in mice. In 2014, another study showed that cannabis oil was effective when paired with other treatments. The theory is that the cannabinoids help the body’s cells to accept the treatment. Simpson heard that report in 1975 but even the announcer was laughing as he read the report. That was the attitude most people had towards cannabis in the seventies.

“The withholding of cannabis medicine by private corporations is one of the greatest genocides in human history. Cannabis is a threat to major corporations and they have killed innumerable people who could have been saved with cannabis medicine.” -Rick Simpson

Rick Simpson said, in a Canadian radio interview, “The withholding of cannabis medicine by private corporations is one of the greatest genocides in human history. Cannabis is a threat to major corporations and they have killed innumerable people who could have been saved with cannabis medicine.” Simpson’s experience with politicians and authorities exposed that no one would lift a finger in support of cannabis all the way up to the world stage of the UN.

Simpson grew cannabis and extracted the oil in his own backyard. The oil was donated to dozens of terminally ill patients and those who desperately needed medical help. Simpson stayed in touch with local authorities and Royal Mounties about what was happening on his property; He would even ask for cannabis confiscated by authorities for his own medical research. This same police department that he would regularly contact were the ones who raided him for manufacturing cannabis oil. Rick shared his recipe publicly online before charges were presented in court because of fears that his research would be destroyed by corrupted corporate interests. He also realized that dishonest people in the cannabis industry would try to profit from his name and recipe.

Rick Simpson used his cannabis oil to treat skin cancer on his face and neck (basal cell carcinoma). This high potent oil has since been used to treat many patients for conditions including, but not limited to, inflammation, infections, digestive issues, depression, insomnia, arthritis, asthma, appetite, multiple sclerosis and many others. Each patient has their personal testimony but there is not much scientific evidence to back any positive claims.

Side effects of using Rick Simpson include drowsiness so it’s important to start with about 10mg (half a grain of rice) and increase as needed. Each person’s desired dose is different and there is no evidence to prove that Rick Simpson Oil doses cure any disease. We encourage you to try Rick Simpson Oil for yourself and keep track of the experience.

“It’s said that 98% of oncologists would not take their own treatments for cancer. Doctors get a kickback for every prescription written. The only branch of medicine I put any faith in is surgeons. The pill pushers and psychiatrists are quacks, All of them.” -Rick Simpson

What do we know?

We know that Rick Simpson oil contains an array of cannabinoids and THC. We also know that our body processes these cannabinoids through receptors in our endocannabinoid system. We know that the endocannabinoid system is one of the most versatile systems in the body. Ingesting terpenes such as caryophyllene and cannabinoids like CBD and THC are ways to help boost the endocannabinoid system. Many natural factors such as reducing stress and making positive diet changes can help boost the receptors of the endocannabinoid system. Omega-3’s and fatty acids are the building blocks for the CB1 receptors in your brain. CB2 receptors are found more in the immune system. Each is responsible for monitoring a variety of bodily functions.

Infused Gummies with Mad Terp Labs RSO | by @mlmcooks

Has anyone studied the effects of cannabis in the body?

In 1992, at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, Dr. Lumir Hanis discovered the Endocannabinoid, Anandamide. His team was the first to identify proteins that react with Endocannabinoids. They discovered and confirmed the presence of CB1 & CB2 cannabinoid receptors in human brains and immune systems. As they tried to figure out the pathways of how these naturally occurring endocannabinoids were getting into the brain, they found an unknown molecular system within the body that was regulating these tasks. The system is now known as the endocannabinoid system or (ECS) and its primary function, as we understand currently, is to help maintain homeostasis inside and outside the body. Research shows the endocannabinoid system to have evolved over 500 million years ago and is present in all vertebrates including mammals, fish, birds and reptiles.

At first, research about Cannabinoids was only based on the cannabis plant but more recently cannabinoids have been found naturally occuring in cloves, black pepper, broccoli, carrots and many more things we ingest. We do not know exactly how our body synthesizes cannabinoids or what causes some people to have more receptors than others. Scientists speculate that there are many things such as foods and medicines that can decrease the body’s ECS signaling. They believe that supplementing a healthy diet with THC and CBD can help strengthen ECS receptors. Rick Simpson oil offers different medical benefits than smoking cannabis because it is absorbed differently by the endocannabinoid system inside the body.

“There are scam artists using the name of RSO serving low quality extracts at very high prices.” -Rick Simpson

Can I make RSO at home?

  1. There are home recipes for RSO using a pressure cooker or rice cooker but this can also be dangerous so we only recommend using the help of a professional in a well ventilated area. Instructions can be found on Rick Simpson’s official website

  2. RSO is most often made by mixing cannabis plant matter with alcohol or other solvents like ethanol or butane. Cannabis flowers are soaked in a container along with the solvents and then the mixture is strained and cooked down until fully reduced. The oil is eaten directly or baked into edibles. 

  3. Winterization and decarboxylation are both essential steps to study for making a high quality and long lasting cannabis oil. Winterization removes unwanted plant matter like lipids and waxes that are suspended in the oil and decarboxylation makes sure all THCa is activated. It takes about one quarter ounce of cannabis flowers to make one gram of high quality RSO. 

  4. Decarboxylation is a chemical reaction that takes place in cannabis when a carbon atom is removed from a carboxylic acid group (THCa) and transforms into the psychoactive compound (THC). This reaction occurs every time a flame sparks a joint of cannabis. Carbon Dioxide burns off as a result and the smoke inhaled contains fully activated THC. Decarboxylation is essential to activate THC for use in tinctures and edibles. Rick Simpson Oil is already decarbed when purchased and can be used for cooking edibles or consuming in raw form.

  5. THCa is good for the body because it reacts with the endocannabinoid system but just not enough to feel it in the brain as a ‘high’ feeling. THCa doesn’t reach the CB1 receptors in our brains like a hit from the bong that forms an almost instant bond with CB1 receptors. 

  6. Trial and error is the way to achieve the best effects from a cannabis extraction because each strain of cannabis will react differently when processed into cannabis concentrates. 

RSO Chocolates

RSO Infused Chocolate Covered Nuts & Cookies | by @mlmcooks

Testimony of a Cancer Patient, Kevin Vontesmar

The following is a testimony from cancer patient Kevin Vontesmar after using over 400 hundreds of grams of RSO. This testimonial is not meant as medical advice, however, we do encourage you to try RSO while keeping track of the results. It’s common to start with a drop of oil smaller than a grain of rice; see how this affects sleep and cognitive functions before experimenting with daytime doses.

Kevin is sponsored by Mohave Cannabis Co. which is found at any Debbie’s Dispensary locations. They create RSO from Mohave Cannabis specifically for Kevin at this time, not available for purchase. GenXtracts, a new sponsor of Kevins, has RSO available and can be purchased at Nirvana Center.

Kevin began RSO treatment after being diagnosed with High Grade ChondroSarcoma. He had surgery to remove cancerous mass from the C1-C5 vertebrae of his spine on 11/15/2018. His Cancer returned in October 2019 and his RSO journey starts there.

Kevin has been an MMJ patient since 2013, and has beaten back cancer once before with the help of RSO donated to him by Debbie’s Dispensary of AZ.


Kevin Vontesmar

Total RSO Intake as of 8/28/2020

RSO has changed my quality of life. I take ZERO prescription meds… -Kevin Vontesmar

Kevin Vontesmar:

I just ingested my 420th gram of Rick Simpson Oil. WOW! At 2 grams per day regularly after my initial 60 grams in 75 days, it adds up fast. I must start by personally saying THANK YOU to Debbie Hunter and the entire Mohave Cannabis team. YOU HAVE CHANGED MY QUALITY OF LIFE!  I told my family I would not go through what we did the 1st time. Not me and not them. There is a better way to tackle this cancer battle. Being a long time stoner, pothead, hippie, or whatever you want to call me, I have always heard about RSO, Rick Simpson Oil and it’s benefits.  Now’s my time, October 2019 when the Dr’s told me “its back, it’s small but it is there.” I did not let them biopsy me at this point, no reason to piss it off when they already told me it was untreatable due to where the cancer is.  November 1, 2019:  I start on RSO. I received a donation of a 60 gram RSO cycle and I hit it hard, finishing 60 grams of Cresco Labs RSO in just 75 days. My fight was not done there, so I personally reached out for help. An amazing lady named Debbie reached out to me and told me pretty straight forward, “I got you covered from now till you don’t want to take RSO anymore.” After my first test results and scans, I discussed this with my doctors. They are not all for it, but I stuck to my guns. We decided that slightly more would be better than slightly less in my situation. Let’s battle it from the top side, it’s a lot easier that way. I started taking 2 grams of RSO per day in February 2020.  To date, I have had two tests done since taking RSO and monitoring what’s going on.  Test 1 came back STABLE, the cancer had stopped growing and no new developments to report. A few months later Test 2 came back STABLE as well as showing a small decrease in the tumor size. RSO has changed my quality of life. I take ZERO prescription meds from the Dr’s. My medicines are cannabis in all forms and zero pharmaceutical drugs. I try to have a decent diet. Exercise is important and I personally think a positive mindset is key. RSO increases my appetite, eases my pains, and fights my cancer, I hope.  I suggest people try RSO, as it has been known to help with so many things. I personally know of no negatives from it, although some people will benefit more than others. I have had many people around me try it for multiple different reasons with no negative effects. Start with a small dose as RSO is an extremely potent cannabis product. 

Quality RSO products available for you to try:

Cresco Labs – Awake, Renew, Relax 1 gram syringe. Available at Sunny Side Dispensary.

Drip Oils & Extracts – Full spectrum High THC 1 gram syringe. Available at Trumed Dispensary.

PuraEarth – 1:1 THC/CBD 1 gram syringe. Available at Urban Greenhouse.

GenXtracts – RSO 1 gram syringe. Available at Nirvana Center locations.

Additional Reading:

hanus lumir. O. 2007. Discovery and isolation of anandamide and other cannabinoids. Chemistry and biochemistry. Vol. 4.

Laurette, Christian. “Run From The Cure: The Rick Simpson Story.” Part 1. Download the whole movie for free and share at:

Michael Cassini is the founder and editor in chief of The Cannabis Cactus Magazine. He focuses on community relationships with a goal to maintain a culture of love, peace and knowledge in the cannabis industry.



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