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Quarantine Joints: The Local Sponsorship

Jan 2022 Update: Local Joint dispensary was acquired by Zen Leaf in 2021. Don’t worry, the local team started a small-batch, single-source cultivation and continues to make the products you know and love under the LOCAL Brand. Visit for more information.

The quarantine for coronavirus and its effects on our community have been significant with longstanding changes to our practices until a full recovery to normal can be made. Our community is quick to recognize a need to give back, and providers like Grow Sciences or The Local Joint are ready to step up to help. With the Grow Sciences Stimulus and its success at helping the community, one of their partnering dispensaries, The Local Joint decided to also provide aid to those affected by the Covid-19 Pandemic. The Local Joint community sponsorship was created, and it was provided to multiple patients who have been affected by the current crisis. The main focus was to provide medicine to those who might need help as their jobs and livelihood have been affected by the quarantine. A major difference from other pandemic programs is the focus on complete care by The Local Joint and program sponsors, as their aid was made for a patient facing any situation.

The program consists of qualifying by email, sending details of your situation as related to Covid-19 to The Local Joint, coordinators reviewed every individual to best identify who they could help. Within 48 hours of the deadline, patients were contacted with their pickup information at which point they could visit the Local Joint to receive their community sponsorship. The sponsorship package included several brands across various methods of medicating, to provide a solution to every patient in the program. The package consisted of several pre-rolls from Nectar Farms, High Grade, an eight of flower from Grow Sciences, a cartridge from Select, an edible from Sublime or Good Things Coming, Delta-8 Capsules from Item 9, concentrate from Core, and a CBD Wellness product. Also a separating but amazingly caring bonus was a $50 gift card to Fry’s Food that could be used on food, hygiene, or home products. The aim of this sponsorship was clearly designed at taking some of the pressures of the pandemic away while also bringing relief to those who depend on cannabis.

The genuine care of our community is strong and authentic, so much so that I am always amazed by the give and take. Dispensaries like The Local Joint are very unique, and their empathy for patients is astounding, I honestly am impressed with their desire to support the cannabis community and wish them the absolute best. They have no obligation to give, but choose to, while also working to provide the best possible service given the current condition of the world. I commend all the vendors and dispensaries taking the opportunity to invest into their patients and community to strengthen everyone by supporting those in need. Cannabis has been deemed essential, as well as those who work with it. The Local Joint is a shining example as to why that is, as well as highlighting their employees working on the front lines. I would encourage everyone to communicate, have empathy, and stay updated during this pandemic so we might all get through it together. Check out The Local Joint at 4201 East University Dr. Phoenix, AZ 85034, or call to get more details about their daily deals, 602-437-1645.

Recommended Listening: Black Belt Eagle Scout by Soft Stud

Adrian Ryan was born in New Mexico and attended school since elementary in Arizona, his time growing up split between the two states. He hopes to work towards recreational cannabis, enjoys reading, writing, film, music, and also writing music.



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