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Put Down the Bottle and Pick Up a Joint

Replacing Alcohol with Cannabis for “Dryuary

A new decade is upon us and that means many people will be setting New Year’s resolutions to start the year off on the right foot. In addition to the usual resolutions like going to the gym more often or quitting cigarettes, some people are participating in “Dryuary” where they give up drinking alcohol for the entire month of January.

Allowing your body to detox from alcohol proves to have many benefits, and taking a break from drinking every so often to reset your tolerance is always a good idea. Some benefits of giving up alcohol include:

A Better Night’s Sleep Even moderate alcohol consumption can diminish the quality of your sleep by reducing the production of melatonin, a hormone that tells our bodies when to go to sleep and when to wake up.

Improved Gut Health Drinking alcohol can cause fatty liver disease, inflammation of the liver, and over time, cirrhosis and liver failure. Alcohol can cause stomach cells to overproduce gastric acid, which can irritate the stomach and ultimately cause ulcers.

Your Skin Will Thank You Beer, wine, and spirits dehydrate your body and promote inflammation. By giving your body a break from alcohol, your skin will likely become more hydrated. Plus, your body can absorb more Vitamin A, increasing cell turnover, and keeps your skin looking healthier and younger. 

Cannabis Strains to Pair With Your New Year’s Resolutions 

If you do choose to participate in Dryuary and are looking for something more natural to replace alcohol with, cannabis is a great choice that can enhance your experiences as you work toward achieving your New Year resolutions. 


Another great resolution is to try and minimize your screen time and get outside to connect with Mother Nature. Hiking achieves just that, plus it’s great exercise! A good strain to light up once you reach the top of the trail is Clementine, a Sativa Hybrid that will give you a nice, euphoric buzz and make your hike more enjoyable. If you want to pick up this strain, check out Nova Dispensary, located on Broadway in Mesa. Please remember to bring lots of water and to wear proper footwear–safety first! Here are few hiking spots around the Valley for beginners, moderate hikers, and for those who like a challenge.

For Beginners:

Hole-In-The-Rock Trail at Papago Park: 625 N Galvin Pkwy, Phoenix, AZ 85008. If you’re looking for an easy hike with a scenic view of the city paired with a beautiful landscape and rock formations, Hole-In-The-Rock Trail is a great place to bring your dog for some exercise, or to “wow” your friends from out of town. You’ll be sure to walk away with more than a few perfect Instagram pictures from this beautiful and fun trail.

Moderate Difficulty Trails:

Hidden Valley Trail at South Mountain: 8610 S. 24th St., Phoenix, AZ 85042. Hidden Valley Trail, located at South Mountain, will have you feeling like you landed on a different planet as you enjoy the desert landscape and the view of the city. Surrounded by cacti and desert terrain, you’ll feel like you’ve been transported to another planet. Be careful, some parts of this trail can get a bit rough, so make sure to watch your step!

Experienced Hikers:

Cholla Trail at Camelback Mountain: 5191 N Invergordon Rd, Paradise Valley, AZ 85253. Hikers, beware! This trail is not for the faint of heart. Cholla Trail has a bit rougher and steep terrain, but the views will be worth it! Plus, you’ll earn bragging rights if you can make it to the top. Tip: If you’re an early riser, start your hike before sunrise and catch the beautiful views at the top of this mountain. It will be an experience you won’t soon forget.

Hitting the Gym

When you ask someone what their New Year’s resolutions are, the first thing they usually say is that they want to lose weight. Believe it or not, certain strains of cannabis can actually give you energy and help elevate your gym experience. Something to make going to the gym more fun? Yes, please! So before you head to the gym, try out a Hi Klas Maui Wowie cartridge from one of the three Territory Dispensary locations in Chandler, Mesa, and Winslow, AZ.


Get out there! 2020 is a new decade and that means you get to reinvent yourself, so go out to more live shows and concerts, new restaurants, or maybe learn how to swing dance and show the world the new you! A great strain to smoke while you socialize is Jack Herer, a Sativa dominant Hybrid that will have you feeling blissful, clear headed, and creative. Grab a Jack Herer cartridge from The Good Dispensary in Mesa, off of the 101 Freeway and Broadway.

Check Out Live Music

The Valley has some amazing modestly sized venues like Crescent Ballroom in Phoenix, Club Red in Mesa, and The Marquee in Tempe. All through January these venues have great bands lined up and themed dance nights, so why not get out of your comfort zone and check out some live music and dance your pants off? A great strain to try before a concert is Green Crack, which will give you an uplifted, euphoric, and energetic high. Check out Sol Flower, a dispensary in Tempe that has a great selection that includes this strain.

Get Your Foodie On

Arizona has become somewhat of a foodie paradise over the last few years, and January is a great time to check out some new cuisine. Who knows, maybe the new you will find that you now have a new favorite food. If you’re looking for some cannabis infused pizza and wings or mac and cheese, The Mint Cafe has been a local favorite since it opened in 2019 and is located off of the I-10 and Baseline, right next to the Mint Dispensary.

Don’t Forget to Treat Yourself

With so much emphasis on self improvement, it can be easy to forget to allow yourself to relax. A great strain to help you chill out is 9 Pound Hammer, an Indica that will have you feeling relaxed, happy, and euphoric. If you’re looking to upgrade your smoking gear, think about treating yourself to a new bong or rig from, or try out a new brand or flavor of rolling papers from Both of these retailers are 100% online, meaning that you can shop from the comfort of your own couch and have it delivered straight to your door. So, gift yourself a little something to reward your determination to stay dry all of January.



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