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OG18 by Farm Fresh Organics

OG18 | Prepacked 8th Farm Fresh Organics | Where: Farm Fresh, Lake Havasu

It’s not often I have the opportunity to try the same strain in both flower and rosin from the same producer. To me, this shows confidence in both products and also gives the chance to compare the difference in the final products as the process from beginning to end is different for both. This flower was pure pine and gas but lacked the chemical profile the rosin seemed to carry. The flavor matched the smell exactly and took me back to my days fishing in the forest preserves back home in Illinois surrounded by pine and oak trees. The effects were strong and hard hitting but not as sedative as I expected. A more well balanced mellow high. The more I smoked the more I wished I was just relaxing fishing somewhere. Although it’s not available here in the Valley just yet you can get some in Lake Havasu at their home dispensary. By Arturo Delgado @tookkie_terpenestein.



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