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OG Kush Pre Roll by Dutchie

.5g OG Kush Pre-roll | $38/pack of 6 Dutchie | Oasis Dispensary

This classic from Hana Meds/Dutchie has been nailed! I found all the classic terpene and flavors of OG Kush along with solid flower material that is expected from these awesome pre-rolls. The smell of gas and coffee are strong when opening the pack, and when lit, it is a strong blast of earth and glue that make for a potent smoke. I am relaxed but active and creative. I find I do great work when smoking one of these pre-rolls before, during, or after. I would recommend this strain always but the cut from Dutchie in their OG Kush pre-roll has been simply bliss for me recently, I’m considering a carton. Reviewed by Adrian Ryan.

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