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OG #18 x Tang Breath Live Hash Rosin by Farm Fresh Organics

OG #18 x Tang Breath | Live Hash Rosin Farm Fresh Organics | Where: Nirvana Center

This Live hash rosin from Farm Fresh is really something special. The look of it even caught my eye as it seems to have a pinkish \ purple huh. The smell is a perfect combination of the two strains used to create this solventless wax. Gas from the OG hits the nose hard while fading away into a more sweet tart tangerine smell. The flavor was almost the same except the Tangie flavor really came in strong on the exhale. I was lucky to be gifted this sample by the man who made it @messyroll at The Errl Cup and most definitely will be copping more soon. Really enjoyed the effects on this one. An all around well balanced Hybrid combination. By Arturo Delgado @tookkie_terpenestein.

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