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Oat Milk Chocolate Hash Bar by Superior Infusions

Oat Milk Chocolate Hash Bar | 100 mg THC Superior Infusions | Where: The Superior Dispensary

My boyfriend and I stopped by The Superior after dropping the kids off at school one day. We were just going to grab some flower to smoke before our outing at the zoo. Well, we left with a few other things including their new Hash Oatmilk Chocolate bar. Of all alternative milks, oatmilk was the best choice for their chocolate bar. It compliments the flavor of the chocolate so well, and you can barely taste the medicine. A very creamy and delicious treat for breakfast! We both ate 50mg and I can say that I should have stopped at 40 mg but hindsight is always 20/20. Don’t get me wrong, I still enjoyed my high and time at the zoo, but I’m still working on my dosage when eating edibles fueled by hash. They hit harder than distillate for sure. I’ll be back at The Superior for these again soon! By Courtney Baker – @bake.gets.baked.

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