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Lucky Dog Seed Co. | Catahoula

Lucky Dog Seed Co. | Catahoula

Lucky Dog Seed Co. | Catahoula

From the team at Lucky Dog Seed Co. out of Bozeman, Montana comes the fabulous Catahoula. Triangle Kush x Chemdog 91 lend their genetics to this indica dominant hybrid, making it a great end of day smoke. Triangle Kush is a popular indica heavy strain widely used for breeding new hybrids. It is well known for its sour, earthy, pine flavor which prevails in the final Catahoula strain. Bred with the more evenly balanced Chemdog 91, this bud produces a moderately heavy headed high. Best for unwinding after work or enjoyed on a day off spent in the house. It is important to note that, just as in any cannabis, the cultivator has just as much to do with the final bud as the breeder. These particular Catahoula buds were grown in Spain under black market conditions, so results may not be typical.


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