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Jordan & Kyle of The Hippy Chronicles | Interview

I had the chance to sit in on an episode of the Hippy Chronicles Podcast alongside creators Jordyn Yates and Kyle Fields, as well as with Cez, cultivator for the Tru-Infusion line of flower. The HippyLife, as the show is called will be exploring all things any young connoisseur would consider at their local dispensary. Their humor and kindness set them apart, and I hold them in ranks with Roachclip Podcast and Homegrown Podcast in terms of honesty on anything cannabis related. If you need another great podcast to roll up to, or need advice on what medicine is on point, check out Jordyn and Kyle. A chance to ask about their start, journey, as well as future was needed to better understand their thoughts as patients and industry journalists. 

Young Hippy Podcast

How did you get your start?

Jordyn Yates aka Young Hippy started what was originally the HippyLife Podcast once he got sober. Looking for a hobby to keep himself occupied so he would not focus on drinking, The HippyLife Podcast was born and after time Kyle Field aka K. Boog joined the family and has been here since then.

How are subjects picked?

The guest is usually the topic of discussion and we try to give the listeners a look inside of the guest’s world for the time we have their attention. We also use our guest’s experiences in failure and success in the industry to encourage people to keep on grinding.

What is the goal?

The goal is to inspire and encourage people to be the best versions of themselves, to give people hope that one day everything they are making sacrifices for will pay off. We are here to be examples of hard work and unmatchable dedication to what we love. We are also here to BREAK THE STIGMA against marijuana and continuously provide examples on how it can be beneficial for everyone in every aspect.

Legalization is in a few months, thoughts?

Kyle: I am in favor of decriminalization, but not a fan of how some states have legalized. Cali, IL and MI are three legal states that I am familiar with and the rec tax in all three is high enough that the black market will stay alive. I am not against the legalization of rec but also very skeptical of who wins if/when it passes. Unfortunately, it seems like everything else in this country and the money is going to determine what happens.

Jordyn: I am absolutely against it, what really needs to be done is decriminalization. We need to free the people in jail for weed related crimes to make space for those contributing to the real problem, and to me that are methamphetamine, heroin and prescription pills. If the goal is to make it possible for everyone to be able to enjoy the plant then decriminalize it and allow the cost of the med card to be covered by healthcare.

Joints or blunts?

Kyle: Joints, I smoked cigs for about fifteen years and now too much tobacco makes me feel sick to my stomach.

Jordyn: I freakin love backwoods!!

Flower or dabs?

Kyle: Flower is my go to. I like dabs but nothing beats breaking up buds and packing a bowl.

Jordyn: I love weed man, the process of breaking it up and rolling it in a backwoods is my therapy. I use that time to reflect on a lot of things and come up with some of the dope ideas that we have been able to implement into our work.


Kyle: Edibles are good for times when I can’t just smoke or, good baseline for the day. I always have to combine with some other form to get where I’m trying to go.

Jordyn: I love edibles, the high you receive from them is amazing if you dose properly. Me though, I love popping a high dose and riding that wave.

Favorite album?

Kyle: Favorite album is way too limiting, it depends on the mood, a great album I can always listen through is Lupe Fiasco’s The Cool.

Jordyn: It would have to be between Kush and Orange Juice and How Fly.

Young Hippy Podcast

Catch the YoungHippy on The HippyLife Podcast while on quarantine, or in real life as he attends the Las Vegas Cannabis Awards. Check out our magazine online, watch for new ways of connecting, and listen to some of the great media out there like HippyLife, Roachclip, and Homegrown. Catch any of these great people, get educated on their products, or craft so you can be the pinnacle of self-care during these strange days. When things get back to normal, whatever that was or may end up being; I hope you are able to connect with people working for our health and understand that they’re here to help. I imagine this is when our lives become more digital-focused than ever, but I urge you to place importance on human interaction because truly having people in your life, is what makes life worth living.



Adrian Ryan was born in New Mexico and attended school since elementary in Arizona, his time growing up split between the two states. He hopes to work towards recreational cannabis, enjoys reading, writing, film, music, and also writing music.



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