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Jeeter - The Fastest Growing Pre-Rolls In The Unites States

If you’ve purchased cannabis in Michigan, Arizona, or California (or really, anywhere else around the country!), you’re likely familiar with Jeeter. As the #1 pre-roll in the United States, their growth rate has multiplied 1000% since their launch in 2019, and they own over 40% of the preroll market share in California. 3.5 million of their pre-rolls are sold per month JUST in California, and their Jeeter Mart pop-ups are impossible to miss (you won’t want to miss them in your home state, either… they’re pretty awesome). Everywhere you turn these days, Jeeter and their liquid diamonds infused joints seem to have taken over… and for good reason.

Jeeter was the first pre-roll company to infuse their joints with liquid diamonds, a proprietary THC extract with strain specific terpenes intact. They also add a variety of botanical terpenes to enhance the flavor, and then coat them in keef. This creates not only a much stronger THC potency, but adds to a part of the entire adventure. “The package, the texture, the elevated feel… all of this is a part of the Jeeter experience, from coming into one of our Jeeter Mart pop-ups, to the second you finish your joint”, says Sebastian Solano, Co-Founder of Jeeter.

I had the pleasure of getting to know Jeeter Co-CEOs Sebastian Solano and Lukasz Tracz , who come from a world of creating experiences for their customers. I wanted to find out more about the drive behind Jeeter, what sets their company apart, and their ultimate goals in the cannabis industry.

First of all, Lukasz and Sebastian are each one part of an identical set of twins. They met working at Olive Garden in 2006 in college, and immediately became both friends and business partners, which they attribute in part to their mutual love of the show Entourage. Their first venture in college was throwing parties, which transitioned into EDM music festivals and founding the company Life in Color. Over a decade, their events went from hosting a hundred people in a basement, to 40,000 attendees in stadiums around the world. Throughout the transition, Lukasz and Sebastian worked every role necessary to make their companies successful, at times serving drinks and food themselves when needed to keep events running smoothly. Said Sebastian, “we started to slowly feel like we were losing a little bit of the entrepreneurship that we had inside of us, and we knew we had to move into a new chapter”. Eventually, they sold Life in Color, which continued to grow and eventually went public on the NYSE. They wanted to keep supporting and challenging each other, which is what brought them into the world of cannabis.

Sebastian and Lukasz loved that cannabis had always been a part of their crew, and that the cannabis community also felt like one. “We never really did this as a business, we wanted to do this as a team, and socially we enjoyed it… we already loved the collaboration of cannabis, music, and culture, which comes together in an amazingly organic way”, said Sebastian. “We realized that the opportunity was real, and we were passionate about building brands and connecting with people through something that has meaning.”

Jeeter started with 5 employees, and now has nearly 2000, with 250 of them in Arizona alone. 70% of their employees are people who have transitioned over from Life in Color, so the team has been working together for decades. “We’re the type of crew where we want to create a product that we are proud of, and would want to walk in and buy ourselves. We used to think, ‘if we went to this party, what would WE want to see?’ We want to put ourselves in the customer’s shoes, and it’s the same with cannabis as it was with the festivals. There’s a lot of products out there, but not much that we wanted to buy. Let’s create something that we would actually want to purchase”, said Lukasz.

Then, Lukasz and Sebastian realized the industry of infused pre-rolls was lackluster, and they came into the cannabis industry with the amazing strategies acquired from the music event business. They wanted to create a product with care in the way it tasted and what materials were in it, as well as creating a marketing experience consumers wouldn’t forget. After much trial, errors, failures, and successes (that’s entrepreneurial life, right?), they really found a lane for their products in 2019, and that’s when everything started to catch fire.

“This gave us the resources to really do what we love, which is to create these crazy marketing moments with events,” said Sebastian.

Although Jeeter’s liquid diamond-infused pre-rolls are the talk of the town, they offer both infused and non-infused options. Their non-infused line is pure ground flower of the highest quality, with a lower THC content for those looking for something a bit less intense. All of their products connect with the idea of an experience, for example, different events and pop-ups based on different terpenes and strains, like their Piña Colada strain, or their upcoming release of 3 different kinds of churros. Said Lukasz , “we want people to think of back in the day when you’re younger and you’re high, and you go to a grocery store or a 7-11, and you get your slushy, your candy, your dessert, and the entire thing is a trip based around your smoke session. The strain matches the experience”. They’ve got some incredible things coming up, like insane packaging that looks like a nostalgic 90s soccer ball, with 6 strains inside of it based on different countries, to celebrate the World Cup. Their Dynasty Tribute launched October 18th for the grand opening of the NBA season. Proceeds from this line all go to criminal justice Dwyane Wade’s foundation for criminal justice reform, which is called The Social Change Fund. For a great cause, it’s a 7-gram joint for 7 championships… you can’t go wrong.

Jeeter products are currently sold in California, Arizona, and Michigan. They are working on launching 3-4 more states within the next year, and hopefully 10 within the next 2 years. Because the Jeeter team is extremely hands-on and creates all of their own products instead of sourcing them out, the expansion is slow due to necessity. They want to make sure every market is getting attention while they do things correctly.

Jeeter has become a huge and successful company over the past few years, while proving their quality for standards as well as their ability to host a party. They’re incredibly respected entrepreneurs with generational ideas in a burgeoning industry, and I wanted to close out this interview by finding out how cannabis has impacted their lives.

Said Sebastian, “I guess for me, it’s been in so many different ways - the biggest one for me is that through cannabis, we have been able to create such an amazing organization that has changed so many lives, not just ours. We have created close to 2000 full-time jobs right now; we have families that work for the company, moms, dads, brother, sister, cousins. We have been able to see these people move up and succeed and we try to always promote within our company. That has been the most amazing impact I have seen from cannabis in my life, to see how it has had the chance to fulfill people’s dreams. It’s been developing lives both professionally and personally.”

Lukasz had a similar sentiment. “For us, this is a family thing. How has cannabis impacted my life? First of all, it’s been a rollercoaster. I got thrown out of school in 7th grade, and that was for my first cannabis entrepreneurial experience. I think for us, we went through our ups and downs and there were times we really thought we were going to lose everything. At the end of the day, it’s the family, the brotherhood, the sisterhood, the family environment we create. Although it’s a business, we’re not looking at the bottom line or margins. We’re like, let’s put something out there that we’re proud of, and create a company we’re proud of. So many people have come over from Life in Color, it’s all of us doing it again together. We want to keep things organic, and create a family culture and vibe, and I think that’s what helps us go to sleep at night. Cannabis makes everything a little bit more meaningful. That energy is engulfed in the culture of our company, and I think the customer feels that in our product.”


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