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Jamaica | Cannabis Travel Destination

Jamaica has GOT to be one of the top destinations everyone thinks of when considering a cannabis vacation, simply because of the way weed is woven into the culture of the country. Despite its reputation and centuries-long relationship with cultivating the plant, Jamaica only relaxed its cannabis laws in 2015, which was when small personal amounts of weed were decriminalized. It is still technically illegal to possess and consume cannabis without a prescription, with fines reaching up to $500, but thankfully it doesn’t seem that anyone is all that keen on enforcing these regulations. I’ve never experienced a place where it is so easy to get edibles, joints, or anything else you may want to consume on your beach vacay, and people seem to pop up from around every corner with a variety of offerings. My edibles tolerance is on the lighter side, so I abstained from those while on my trip… a 500mg edible when I normally take 5mg would have put me on my ass for days, and there wasn’t really a way to be certain of dosage. In less regulated locations, I prefer flower so that I have a bit more control over what I’m consuming, and can tell from sight alone what kind of experience I might have.

I had been teaching and training for our new Puff, Pass & Paint classes in Orlando, Florida, and I had NEVER been to Jamaica before, so I thought WHY NOT, and coaxed a friend into flying from California to join me. Flights from the East coast are relatively easy, whereas traveling from the rest of the country, you’re bound to have a bit of a different experience and a layover (or two). 


We flew into Montego Bay, which was easy and convenient because all of the resorts are only a couple of minutes from the airport. If you have a few more days, many people go to Negril, which is on the Western side of Jamaica and features popular tourist locations like Rick’s Cafe and Seven Mile Beach, but that will take you about 2 hours to drive there. Montego Bay was super easy to get to and also offered gorgeous beaches and affordable pricing for lodging, and we had zero complaints about the location!

We stayed at the Royal Decameron Hotel and Resort in Montego Bay, which was a middle-range all-inclusive option. I typically like to go out and experience different restaurants on my international travels, but with the stresses of life and work recently building up, I was happy to give up some freedom for something a bit easier and that required no planning at all. All drinks and meals were included, and as a medium-sized resort, we felt that there were lots of opportunities for fun and met lots of interesting people, while never feeling like things were too crowded or that we had to wait for beverages or in lines to eat. As far as the weed, that was more plentiful than even the drinks or the grub… people were constantly popping up offering us whatever we needed, and I said no way more times than I said yes because of the bountiful availability! The resort itself had no issues with consumption, and we felt very comfortable and safe at all times.


We walked around the city a bit (and were of course offered more weed, among any amount of harder things), and also did a couple of excursions while enjoying a lot of relaxation, lounging on the beach, swimming, and downtime. Jamaica has one of seven bioluminescent beaches in the world, which is called the Luminous Lagoon, and can be easily accessed from Montego Bay. Bioluminescent organisms are always present, but can only be seen during the night, and they only light up when touched. We took a boat out into the dark, and were able to jump into the lagoon and experience the beauty of swimming as the water lit up around us. It’s impossible to take photos as the organisms don’t like light, so it’s the perfect experience to get a little high and live perfectly in the moment of an incredible experience.

We also did a Reggae Catamaran Cruise with Island Routes, which was a half day experience and included snorkeling, a stop at the infamous Margaritaville, snacks, live music, and of course, unlimited beverages. Smoking was not allowed on the boat, but there were ample opportunities to consume before and after, and while at the stop at Margaritaville if you didn’t want to spend your time jumping on the water trampoline or blasting out of the water slide (my ass still has bruises from this, by the way). This experience had much more of a “spring break” vibe than I was expecting, but we had a great time and definitely got our money’s worth with food and drinks.


The water in Jamaica is a beautiful and crystal clear turquoise, and while our experience was more touristy than I normally would have enjoyed, we had an amazing time, and left relaxed, rejuvenated, and ready to get back to Colorado winter (just kidding about that last part). I will admit that I love active vacations, hiking, and running, and this was not a trip with many opportunities for “getting your steps in”, which for me was a bit of a hard but necessary change for a few days. Most transactions you will need cash for, but the US dollar is widely accepted. Catching cabs and finding transportation can be pricey, but is simple and easy. Jamaicans are extremely friendly and welcoming, and we had a true blast on our first time in Jamaica. It’s an absolutely beautiful place to relax, especially if you want to get a little high too.


Heidi Keyes

Heidi Keyes is the Founder of Puff, Pass & Paint, and Co-Founder & President of Cannabis Tours. Heidi writes about her experiences, sharing her advice, travel tips, and wisdom in Puff, Pass Ponder.


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