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Hippie Butler – Subscription Box Service

I was given the chance to visit the headquarters of the subscription box service, Hippie Butler, based in Tempe, AZ. Introducing me to what they offer was friend of the cannabis industry and Hippie Butler’s website support supervisor, Nique Garcia. She explained the process of how they’re able to source some of the highest quality smoking accessories available brands like: X Vape, Billionaire Hemp Wraps, Medtainer, Zig Zag, Smoking Brand, GRAV, and ROOR. X Vape and Billionaire are some brands that I discovered thanks to Hippie Butler, and now I look for Billionaire Mango wraps, or frequent my X Vape One 2.0 because its discreet bubbler attachment is great to dab with. Their subscription box is different from most of the companies offering a similar service because the team at Hippie Butler handpicks everything. In curating a high quality of inventory, they are innovating what a subscription box can be by sourcing brands they’d want in their own circle of friends. They even have an entire online catalog of smoking accessories that would put any brick and mortar headshop location to shame. Hippie Butler has multiple subscription boxes to fit every smoker’s needs, plus a few nifty gadgets that you might want to throw in your cart à la carte style. Any of the boxes from their service can change a bad day into a great time on couch; any evening can be for relaxing because you only need to put in the order and forget it, the hassle free attitude is amazing.

The boxes are curated with the stoner connoisseur in mind and shipped discreetly, so every month is something new that arrives to my door without alerting the neighborhood. I enjoy the Roller’s club box as it is simple, discreet design allows me to not deal with my local Circle K for wraps or papers. The value is what I like about as I am able to get everything I need and more, for less than I would spend at said Circle K. It came stacked with papers and hemp wraps, in both flavored and natural variations. The Butler Box would be their next tier up and it will include a cool new piece of glass to add to your collection, as well most of the goodies with some bonus gifts you’d find in the Rollers Club Box. The glass here was a 10in Beaker bong that was incredibly smooth, but my favorite was the mini tray to roll on. The Master Box is where I would put my time into because it will be easy to fall into an expansive collection of cool smoking gear. This box had everything needed to host friends for that party with the sesh family. I would also consider this box for that someone special in your life, as I would only be willing to share these treasures with someone I absolutely adore.

Walking around the warehouse, I see brands you know and love. I see rolling papers or wraps in Smoking Paper, Cyclones, and Element Papers. All these brands have various matching trays, rolling machines, and grinders that could come with the box. I met Aaron, the logistics assistant, who helps the warehouse team make sure that all the products found in the Hippie Butler boxes are in stock. I met Matt, their procurement manager; he was quick to compliment the loud smell that follows me. I also meet Dude, who builds the boxes, he is known as the heart of the warehouse. He loves the GRAV glass and is someone who clearly loves his job of serving their subscribers. I see the shelves of premium glass, Conviction glass, GRAVlabs, and RooR round out some of the glass that could arrive in a Masters Club box you order. We tour through their media department and customer service where everyone was interacting with subscribers. A part of Hippie Butler that shines is their care for the customer, and how they work to make sure positive interactions are had for both their employees and subscribers. A positive experience is only possible with innovation; Pipe Protect, an optional warranty on all “à la carte” glass pipes offered on Hippie Butler’s website, is one of those innovations that we asked Hippie Butler Lead Content Writer, Erinn Holman, to help us understand!

What Is Pipe Protect?

We’ve all had a favorite bong or glass pipe that we adored and cherished until that fateful day when our friend came over and “accidentally” kicked it over. Tears might have been shed, and a trip to the local head shop only furthered your agony after seeing the price tag on a glass piece that was comparable to the one that Steve just broke. Enter Hippie Butler’s Pipe Protect, insurance for your bong that lets you #CoverYourGlass. With Pipe Protect, you’ll never have to worry about the safety of your glass when friends come over again, or when your pup’s tail gets too excited, or after a smoke sesh when you think the coffee table is in the same spot you thought it was a minute ago, but it turns out that it’s actually where you left it and hasn’t moved at all. Pipe Protect will take away all the stress and hassle over a broken pipe by allowing you to purchase a replacement or comparable bong to the one that was broken at 50% of the listed retail price, and shipped directly to your door! That means that you can have a new piece delivered to you in less than a week from when your pipe gets shattered! Note, the Pipe Protect program only covers glass pipes bought “a la carte,” it does not cover subscription boxes.

How Much Does Pipe Protect Cost?

The Pipe Protect glass warranty costs 10% of the retail price of the pipe you wish to protect. You can also retroactively enroll in pipe protect and pay 10% of the cost of your pipe if you forget to add this option at the time of purchase. If you ever need to file a claim on your glass pipe, all you need to do is log into your account on and click the Pipe Protect tab on the left side of the screen. You will then find all of your purchases that are eligible for the warranty. Just follow the easy steps to submit your claim including submission of a photo of the broken pipe. Then, you’ll receive a coupon code on your account for 50% of the broken glass piece. From there, you’ll be able to reorder your glass and all that’s left is to wait for your new favorite smoking accessory to arrive on your doorstep!

How Long Does Pipe Protect Cover My Glass Piece?

Your pipe has unlimited coverage from the date of purchase for the two years that your warranty is in place. That means any time that it breaks during the two year warranty period, we’ll send you a replacement piece for 50% off of your original purchase price. If the pipe is now on sale, you will pay 50% of the sale price! Yes, you read that right; we said UNLIMITED times within a two year period. So wrangle together your best smoking buddies (except maybe that one dude) and light a celebratory bowl in honor of Hippie Butler’s Pipe Protect: Insurance for your favorite bong.

To sum that up, you can get cool glass and have it covered? Absolutely, so adult like a true stoner, and treat your subscription service like an upgrade to your smoking life. The idea that you can collect an array of curated glass in a monthly subscription or a la carte, and have it backed up for that one party foul is incredible. I have lost some cool bongs, and have actually had people stealing pipes and hitters. The best you can do is being prepared, and live with whatever happens, just saying if you’re investing in the glass, get the protection. I will stick with the rollers club subscription on a monthly basis so I’m always ready for a visit from friends. We will be having some giveaways for some cool gear that Hippie Butler has selected for a lucky few readers. For more information on anything here, follow up at I hope to see more services work towards knowing their audience like Hippie Butler has.


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