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Grow Up: Why it’s Important to Give Thanks

We tend to be most thankful for the things that are easy to be thankful for. I’m thankful for my family, for my friends, for Cannabis, etc. But growing up means to find a reason to be thankful in the less obvious. To give thanks for something less obvious is to see the ‘positive’ side of something that is normally not so positive – To look at the bright side!

Giving thanks is something that begins in the mind. It starts with an appreciation of things that we occasionally take for granted. Sometimes we forget the value of those 10 minutes we spend preparing our joint or the 15 minute walk from our parking spot. Be thankful that you have the joint, the time to prepare it and enjoy it. Be thankful that you found a parking spot, or that you have a car, or that you are alive!!! There are always many reasons to be thankful.

What is in our mind usually comes out our mouth. What we think transmits into what we speak to create a palpable atmosphere around us. Positive thoughts create positive vibes that have a real and lasting effect on the people around us and the outcomes of the situations we find ourselves in. Sometimes things don’t seem great, but if we are able to find a positive thought and be thankful for it, we find a calm that allows us to solve the situation and move forward.

Create a positive attitude in your mind and watch how it transmits into every aspect of your life through your communication. Many problems dissolve by simply seeing the reasons you can give thanks and speaking with positivity. With the right thoughts, anyone can fly.

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