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Green Crack Ice Water Hash by Big Chino Growers

Green Crack | Ice Water Hash Big Chino Growers | Caregiver NFS

Man do I love me some Hash! This Green Crack that Cody Welch of Big Chino Growers, a caregiver in northern Arizona, blessed me with is absolutely phenomenal. This particular hash was made using an ice water extraction method. This Green Crack was potent, a great addition to any flower whether it’s a bowl, or joint hash will give you that extra boost without the sticky messes of oils and hassle of a dab rig. I myself enjoy this in the middle of my bong slide. First I pack a tiny bit of flower, then put some hash on top of it, then cover that hash with more flower. This helps to get a nice even burn I feel. If you have never tried traditional hash you NEED to. By Arturo Delgado @tookkie_terpenestein.


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