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Grease Monkey 90u Live Hash Rosin by The Superior

Grease Monkey | 90u Live Hash Rosin The Superior | The Superior Dispensary

This stuff literally drips off the tool and reeks of pungent fuel. I literally could not believe my eyes when I did this. Was this really hash rosin? The reason I asked myself that is because it looks like distillate but the smell was telling me differently. @hashmanjohn over at The Superior definitely whipped up some magic with this one. The melt was super clean with no crackling from excess moisture or quick darkening, the dab held its clarity from start to finish. The flavor was a strong pungent gas just like the scent. Not my favorite profile, but the effects are strong. A little more relaxing, I enjoy this strain in the evening before dinner to help build an appetite. Go check out The Superior and see what other solventless magic they’re working on. By Arturo Delgado @tookkie_terpenestein.

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