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Granny Skunk Hash Rosin by Abundant Organics

Granny Skunk | Hash Rosin Abundant Organics | Where: Marigold Dispensary

After trying some Jenny Kush a friend scooped up I had to get some Abundant Organics Rosin to try myself. I found myself at Marigold that had a few strains all at 60 bucks a gram which in my opinion is a fair price for most Rosin. The Granny Skunk was not as good as the Jenny Kush I tried in my opinion and definitely didn’t melt as clean, but was still a smack nonetheless. Cracking the lid I was hit with a very sweet pine scent like a candied pine cone or some crazy concoction. The flavor was almost exactly as the smell with a bit more earth coming through. The effects were strong and more on the sedative side. I definitely recommend this strain for use later in the day. By Arturo Delgado @tookkie_terpenestein.


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