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Gorilla Cookies by Shango Cannabis

Gorilla Cookies | Indica Hybrid Flower Shango Cannabis Co. | Nirvana Center

Gorilla Cookies is a strain that brings the appeal of two favorites on the market but rarely is it done this well. The frost that coated this nug gave the appearance of an emerald at a glance. The sweet smells associated with cookies mingling with the overtones of glue strains make this a tangy flavored smoke. Overall, the strain had me high and relaxed in a way I have not been in quite a while. This strain from Shango will have me adding them to my shopping rotation. By Adrian Ryan@drogado_del_gato.

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Adrian Ryan was born in New Mexico and attended school since elementary in Arizona, his time growing up split between the two states. He hopes to work towards recreational cannabis, enjoys reading, writing, film, music, and also writing music.



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