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What is dope? Dope is best referred to in the dictionary as an illegal drug more commonly known as Heroin and or Marijuana.

What is sick? Sick is defined as being affected by a physical or mental illness.

These words are powerful, not only in today’s society but also in the world of cannabis. Dope and sick are two words we hear a lot in today’s society. The news is always referring to drug stories as dope deals, dope overdose, dope users, and much more. It’s sickening how the media and law enforcement points fingers and only tells one side of the story. It’s a sickness. A sickness that is all too common in most people’s families. Most all of us have or have had a family member who is dopesick. Heck, some of us like myself have been dopesick. Addicted. We need to quit treating it as criminal activity and start addressing it as it truly is. A sickness. An illness.

I have a close friend who is a recovering alcoholic with a liver transplant. He started following and supporting this non profit called DopeSick, so naturally I checked it out and, being an ex-addict myself, I loved the page and mission. I reached out and asked if we could spread some info and knowledge. So here we go.

Name: Malcolm King Non Profit: DopeSick Position: Founder, Owner, Journalist

What is DopeSick the brand?

DopeSick Apparel is a brand designed by addicts for addicts. ⠀

“We are the New Generation of Sober People Who We Refuse to Remain Anonymous About Our Past, But Rather Embrace It💥”

What mission and goals does DopeSick have?

Our mission is to spread the word of sobriety through real life testimonials from addicts. Our goal is to save lives and help people get sober through our message. Speaking and sharing saves others.

Why the name DopeSick?

DopeSick is a word that rings a bell to all addicts. When we first started, some thought it was negative, but we turned it around to a positive, by pushing the message, “DON’T Be DOPESICK”.

When people see your brand/label what is the 1st thing you want them to think?

When people see Nike, Adidas, etc. they think sports. When people see DopeSick, we want them to think SOBRIETY. Sobriety is a good way. A cool way.

Is DopeSick for all that are recovering from addiction or just alcohol? 

DopeSick represents all addicts no matter what the drug or drink of choice is.

What is your opinion on cannabis as an option for addiction help?

We believe cannabis is medicine. Though many people don’t quite understand it and how it could work for their benefit, they abuse it and chase it with alcohol or other drugs therefore leading to a bad experience or labeling it a gateway drug. This is where the education of cannabis comes. People need to be educated to truly understand its benefits. With education, it can be an amazing help.

How can someone struggling with addiction seek help and or reach out to DopeSick?

Anyone struggling with addiction can reach out to and call us, email us, DM us and we can connect them with our sister treatment centers to get the help they need. We are truly here to help.

How can people/companies support your mission and goal? 

People can go to and click the donate page and donate to the cause. All Donations will help our journalist, photographers, videographers and models to continue to do their job by spreading the word of sobriety through our multiple platforms. Our journalist, photographers, videographers, and models are all in some point of recovery.

Please add anything extra I missed or you want readers to read. “How to submit testimonials” 

People can go to and click ‘SHARE MY STORY’ to submit their story to us. A great way to start the recovery process is to share. Share your story. Share your addiction. Share your thoughts.

So let me ask again, what is Dope? What is Sick? It is DopeSick, an amazing non profit, by addicts for addicts. They are there to be a voice and allow others to have a voice and platform. We live in crazy times where addiction is everywhere yet it’s still hush hush or immediately stereotyped as criminal. We need to speak up and step up for our friends, family, and maybe even ourselves.

Shane Stanford is a dank dad living in New Mexico. Read more of his articles and follow him on Instagram @NMBeardedMan


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