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Donny Burger Live Hash Rosin Cold Cure by Canamo

Donny Burger | Live Hash Rosin Cold Cure  Canamo | Where: Sticky Saguaro

This was one of my personal scoops on 4-20. It was a crazy morning and they were extremely busy, but I couldn’t have been more pleased with all of my medicinal purchases I came home with. From the moment I opened the jar for the photos, you could smell the GMO lineage coming through. This batch was a more crumbly texture, which made it really easy to work with if you wanted to throw some crumbles down the middle of a blunt. I enjoyed it the most in my basic banger at a low temp, and was really pleased with the smooth hit. With a happy, creative head high and body pain relief I would suggest this strain later in the day. It was great at helping get past that midday hump. Watch the behind the scenes magic and check out the @hashpaddler work on IG. By Jeff Lanier – @revsoddesigns


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