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Donny Burger Live Hash Rosin by Canamo Concentrates

Donny Burger | Live Hash Rosin Canamo Concentrates | Where: Ponderosa Dispensary

WOW!! Like for real wow. This Hash Rosin that @hashpaddler whipped up over at Canamo is absolutely phenomenal. This was actually my second scoop of this because the first time I grabbed it it didn’t even make it home after stopping by a friend´s to smoke a little bit. The smell of this Rosin was an uppercut of garlic gassy terps straight to the nose. The flavor was Strong in garlic with hints of gas and meat. A very unique terpene profile with great effects. Very strong and mildly sedative I do recommend this strain for use later in the day and if you’re a beginner dabber definitely start small and remember just a dab’ll do ya. By Arturo Delgado @tookkie_terpenestein.

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