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Dear Mama: Mother’s Day Gift

Dear Mama,

Mothers day time and I have four moms to get gifts for this year. One has a medical card and the other three are interested but don’t have their cards. What do you want? What would think is a good gift. I’m not rich either so don’t go crazy.

Thanks, Staci in Mesa

High Staci!

How nice of you to ask! Do you need my mailing address too? Ok, ok, I get it, not actually for me, but I can send this issue to the kids. Sounds like you have a few people in your life that you want to give a gift to, to show your affection and appreciation. I think that’s key to finding the right gift. I always preach that it’s the thought but that doesn’t mean think about it and not get something.

You have to keep in mind the person and what they like and what they would enjoy. I like to receive things that I might not buy for myself. Things I might think were frivolous for me to buy for myself. That doesn’t mean it has to cost a lot either. For example, moms are used to overlooking things that make their life easier and are more apt to spend on things for the family.

So let’s start from the easiest first. The cannabis card holding mom would probably love to be pampered with some cannabis luxuries like a THC bath bomb, or you could give her a foot massage with a THC topical cream. Not into the foot massage idea? Make her a little basket with the bath bomb and THC cream and maybe a lollipop so she can plan a self care day for herself and relax (without you there, cause be real, my kids are great, love em, not relaxing).

Don’t have a bunch of cash for a basket? You could do some research and find a few grams of a strain you think would be perfect for her with a nice card explaining why you chose it. You might know mom has back pain that bothers her so you search out a great strain for that, or you know she has big chore coming up and a nice sativa would help her get it done and enjoy herself. You could even offer to help finish that chore but, just a thought.

The same logic can be applied to the non cannabis moms. I’m going to assume by your description of them that you want to give them a gift that assists them into entering the cannabis world. There are some great books about the science behind cannabis, for example “The Cannabis Manifesto” by Steve DeAngelo, or “Cannabis Pharmacy, The Practical Guide to Medical Marijuana” by Michael Backes.  

You could ask around about some trusted CBD topical creams or supplements and make them a little basket out of those. Or a few hemp based edible things with a card that says “I’m here to help when you’re ready to learn more about cannabis”.  

Bottom line to any kind of gift giving is that you put some thought and some heart into it.  I never remember the material part of a gift exchange. What I remember is the feeling around that holiday or gift giver. They always are so thoughtful, or they forgot again and hit up the first store they saw. Neither makes a mom love you less or more. Moms really want you to be safe and happy more than want anything else, so work hard to have a great happy healthy life and your mom will be super pleased.

Happy Mothers Day to all of your moms and all the moms and step moms, and fill in moms, and dads being moms out there.

Stay lifted, Mama

Laura Mastropietro

Laura Mastropietro, former cannabis co-op grower and patient advocate, consultant, Edible Chef for two edible lines, featured in ‘Cannabis Saved my Life’ by Elizabeth Limbach, currently curates a learning hub called, stays active in the cannabis community while running a restaurant and commercial bakery in beautiful Sedona Arizona. Wife, Mother, Grandmother, with a full beautiful life and toss in a life altering disease, cannabis is the magic that helps her keep it all going. Have a cannabis question? Send it to Dear Mama at


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