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Dabbs Delights

Dabbs Delights has been on the cannabis scene for over 10 years, though not really known to myself until just recently. The powerhouse team of Chad and Kate are the magic hands that made Dabbs Delights known, having won many accolades as well as having an amazing kitchen prowess you would want behind your dessert centerpiece for the Holidays. Having met and talked to Chad, I wanted to sit down with him and his partner Kate to discuss some of the terrific custom edibles I had experienced through the Cannabis Cactus sponsored Heady Halloween box. Chad, as the starting partner, was a “pre-med” caregiver working with cultivation, early concentrates, and edibles with a foothold in hard candy. He met Kate about a year into the business, and the two, sharing a background in homemade baked goods and confections, began their partnership. They work to accommodate the medical patients who need a custom dessert for an event with a unique and well medicated cake or delight. The process of which is easy and custom options make the experience all the more noteworthy.

Oreo Cake | Dabbs Delights

Oreo Cake | Dabbs Delights

Dabbs Delights holds several awards from Errl Cups and 710 Cups of recent years for caregiver edible and concentrate categories. The new tide of recreational cannabis has them looking forward to eventual decriminalization in full. With that, the dream of custom cakes and other medicated confections has their focus, perhaps even pairing with a license to form a new edible kitchen. My hope is we are not far from anyone being able to get a custom holiday cake from Dabbs Delights; perhaps using one of their infusions of RSO, distillate, or rosin to share with my cannabis family. I feel at ease with someone such as Chad managing the quality of any flower being used along with other any extractions which he has experience with. Experience is abundant with a cultivation tent full of plants, and Chad has run a few deep-water cultures and soil mediums. We talked about some of his luck using some auto-flower seeds in his tent, and he was happy to offer his knowledge as a resource when I start my home cultivation. A combined 20+ years of cannabis use, and a lifelong love of baking has Dabbs Delights resume filled with experience to make your custom edibles unforgettable.

Lattice Pie | Dabbs Delights

Lattice Pie | Dabbs Delights

This is the time of the year, I often get inquiries as to where a patient might be able to get a holiday pie, macarons for a brunch, or New Year cake that is medicated. The wow factor for an extravagance is always needed to balance the need for it. A cake that is medicated in my friendly gift exchange isn’t easy to do myself with the pandemic, but it eases the anxiety of gatherings. After Thanksgiving, the effect of the Covid-19 pandemic will be evident whether you went big with a family reunion style dinner, or stayed home with your nearest and dearest. I will be doing the latter, and needed desserts to amaze those I spend my holiday with. If immediate family and friends are eating with me, we might as well enjoy the same treats for the holidays, but medicated. I will turn to Dabbs Delights at that point because they would be able to outfit my dinner with a dessert to have everyone both slump and awe. Tis ‘the season for relief and time with everyone you consider near and dear, so the holiday cannabis catering menu is here!

Dabbs-Delights- 2020-Holiday-Menu

The cakes are done in a fashion similar to a bakery for scheduling, with a list of common questions sent to cake recipients. Questions like: What type of event is the cake for? How many people will be in attendance? How many milligrams of THC? Typical dosages are 100mg, 500mg and 1500mg, but can be adjusted for higher dosage upon request. A spotlight on food service, with questions about pickup, storage, and food allergies. The customization comes with any design requests, a request for description of the event, or what colors should be included or avoided? You can send requests for cakes or otherwise along with pictures for designs for quotes. A deposit for at least 25% of the cost will be collected and you must plan to get those orders in at least two weeks beforehand. A gift for understanding what patients are looking for is inherent, because Chad and Kate shop with Bloom, and other brands like Glorious Extracts and OGeez so they understand standards. The process is easy, the food is delicious, and the medication is great for patients. I know a few people who might want a custom fat baby New Years cake for friends like @smokeeej and other friends of Dabb’s deserving a shoutout like @gettinghighwitheli, @highitslace, and @card_david4. Having tried the butter cookies, Milano’s, and macarons, I can’t speak highly enough of the quality. To take your holidays to new heights, you can reach out over Instagram, or email for more info.

Macaron | Dabbs Delights

Macaron | Dabbs Delights


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Adrian Ryan was born in New Mexico and attended school since elementary in Arizona, his time growing up split between the two states. He hopes to work towards recreational cannabis, enjoys reading, writing, film, music, and also writing music.

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