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Colors by Cultivar

Colors by Cultivar

Legal cannabis in California and elsewhere around the country is undergoing somewhat of a revolution, and some of the flavors and scents have changed from what I smoke to something else... and it seems to have happened overnight. Maybe I’m getting old and my taste buds have changed, but I absolutely sense a difference in the cannabis that is on the market now, to that of even my college years in the 1980’s. It’s just so very sweet now!

Are they serious? Evidently yes and with good reason, it sells to the entire sugar generation. I’m not privy to the metrics, but I imagine that there is a huge youth market for potent/sweet cannabis. The consumers for these strains were weaned on candy and processed foods, so that’s definitely one of the reasons that sweet cannabis is popular today. 

Colors by Cultivar Lineup

For me? Nope, not by a longshot. I prefer my cannabis like my wine.... to speak of the soil, a taste of the place - dry, not sweet thank you. This aspect of cannabis, or wine, is called the  terroir. That’s ok though. I don’t have to smoke all of it. I’m perfectly able to share and that’s the basis of this tasting. Just because my palate prefers to go more to earthy, spicy, gassy and skunky doesn’t mean everyone else’s should too. 

I’m glad to have tasted through the line-up of Colors by Cultivar. I imagine they do very well with their line-up and I’m glad that they exist to offer the consumer exactly what they want. 

I get it. 

Colors by Cultivar - Lobster Roll

Lobster Roll

Lobster Roll was a special Valentines Day drop by Colors by Cultivar out of Seattle, Washington. A cross between Apples & Bananas x Eye Candy #8. Spice leads in the nose with a dollop of lemon curd in the back of the throat. It’s potent stuff. Needs a Chill Bong to really open this baby up. The smoke finishes quite sweet and dare I say... tangy.

Colors by Cultivar - Rainbow Showers

Rainbow Showers

Delight in a candy sensation enhanced by a uniquely petrol essence. Let the combination of Candy Rainbow Chip & sweet yet tangy Runtz gas transport you to pure bliss.

Colors by Cultivar - Suga' Shine

Suga’ Shine

A cross between Sugar Berry Scone + Undertow. Enjoy the sweet fusion of dark berry candy and a unique burst of GMO gas. Ready to elevate your mindset!

Colors by Cultivar - Moonshadow


A cross between Moonbow + Undertow. It's time to unwind and be tantalized by the sweet gas, reminiscent of Triangle Kush and Gushers, as it intertwines with hints of Zkittlez and Gelato.

Colors by Cultivar - Flap Jackz

Flap Jackz

A cross between Orangutan Tittiez + Undertow.  a sensational and zesty treat that will leave a lasting impression on your senses. This extraordinary blend of grassy and creamy Zkittlez will ignite your creative mind, inspiring you for all your artistic endeavors!


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