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Chiesel Diamonds by Mohave

Chiesel | Diamonds Mohave | Where: Debbie’s Dispensary

When it comes to diamonds, in my opinion, unless they are drowned in High Terpene Extract sauce, they don’t really have too much of an effect… well not on the body at least. Don’t get me wrong, they definitely are a way to dab and medicate and being that its isolated THC, it’s pretty much the cleanest solvent based product you can find but the high is mostly a head high and seems to come and go pretty quickly. What I prefer to do with diamonds like this is use them as an extra boost to any dabs I may already have. The melt on these diamonds was extremely clean with a slight hint of gassiness on the exhale. The hit was smooth and I mixed a bit of these diamonds with every dab I took which really made my other waxes stretch. By Arturo Delgado @tookkie_terpenestein.


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