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Cherry Eyes Smokewear | Interview

Custom glass is a lifestyle, the heady scene always has the most impressive or diverse showings of art and talent. I have always loved seeing the classic bottle conversions which were old-school pepsi or beer bottles made into water pipes. These are considered novel at a sesh or trade show, but as times and minds open; the diversity of the pieces has grown exponentially. Artisans of all energies and styles have offered what they can make, which includes the entire conversion (or upcycle) scene. Jazmyne also known as @cherryeyessmoke is someone bringing a new energy to your local sesh or event. Her unique customizations have been crossing my path regularly and I have been very impressed with the work put in, while also hearing rave reviews about the functionality of her creations. Let’s meet this Arizona native, who has a natural talent for unique design that could be the center of your next conversation when seshing with friends.

Jazmyne discovered her talents in October 2020 when she had the desire to start converting unused glass into functional water pipes and rigs. These upcycled rigs and bongs also needed to be customized with precious stones or crystals. Jazmyne found her craft and genuinely finds joy in identifying then adding these gems for both aesthetic as well as energy purposes. A medical patient and cannabis enthusiast for 4 years prior to our interview, she understands what a functional piece needs from years of experience. That is no small task when you are converting a crystal decanter which takes the utmost amount of care to not only have a successful conversion, but also make sure your piece hits right! She has something else unique to her creations, which is the possibility of a companion piece like a vase, bowl, or glass sculpture. Just before this interview I had seen her first glass set, which was a custom amber decanter piece with a matching vase. These are not your everyday glass pieces found in shops or mass-produced imports, but instead a vessel created by someone in our community dedicated to good times and good energy.

Jazmyne is ready to take on the vintage glass you might have sitting on a shelf to turn it into the centerpiece of your next get together. The customization can be totally your own if you bring the glass piece, crystals, and downstem; or Jazmyne is happy to source what you need to create your dream rig or bong! Active in the community, Jazmyne also grows which she shares regular updates on the Hi-Curious app with a weekly live stream. Even more impressive is that she also participates in local theatre, 420 fashion shows, and you can catch her at some local cannabis events like where we met, Friday High-day with Plant-Body-Soul. Talking about her recently enjoying Drip concentrates, while we rolled some of her homegrown GSC then talked more details about her business and where you can see some of her work in person!

Cherry Eyes Smokewear

What are some examples of the glass you can upcycle?

Some examples of glass you can upcycle are vases, alcohol bottles, and decanters.

What tips or kinds of features should people look for when choosing a piece?

When trying to decide on a piece to buy from me, my best advice is to choose what you are drawn to. There will most likely be one that calls your name above all the others, and it’s different for everyone. I love to see that.

Is there any sort of glass that people should avoid?

Glass I avoid is glass that is too thin. It just never works out. It needs to have a certain feel to it. Whenever someone brings me some glass for a custom, I always check it out and let them know if I can do it!

For customization, can people purchase crystals from you, have you choose, or bring their own?

For custom orders with crystals, you can let me know what kind of crystal you want/how many/and even the general placement of them. Although, many people just say, “Do what you think is best!” which is totally acceptable. If you have a special crystal you already have that you want me to use, I can do that too.

Cherry Eyes Smokewear

How can people find out more?

If you have any questions, I am best available by DM on my Instagram @cherryeyessmoke and I am also available by email

Where else can our readers find you?

Other than my Instagram(@cherryeyessmoke) which is my main page, I can be found on The Artsy Leaf under Cherry Eyes Smokeware and also on Hi Curious, where I do a livestream show Cherry Eyes Live.

Do you have any events where holiday shoppers can see you in December?

The only event I’m aware of in December right now is the Holiday Market at Friday Highday, hosted by Plant Body Soul. That event is on 12/3. However, as I become involved in more events, I will always share those details on my Instagram page @cherryeyessmoke, be sure to follow me there for all updates!


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Adrian Ryan was born in New Mexico and attended school since elementary in Arizona, his time growing up split between the two states. He hopes to work towards recreational cannabis, enjoys reading, writing, film, music, and also writing music.



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