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Chem Dog LR Diamond Sauce by WTF | The Mint

Chem Dog | Live Resin Diamond Sauce WTF | The Mint Dispensary

Ahh good ol Chem Dog, a classic strain that never fails to give a strong cerebral high. Known for its pungent gas like aroma this one reeked of a slightly sweet diesel. From the aroma, I figured the dab was definitely going to please my palate and although the aromas didn’t quite come through as strong with the flavor, the potency was most definitely there. Almost immediately upon inhalation before even exhaling I immediately felt my eyes drop with a nice relaxing feeling but was still able to keep moving and continue with my day as I took this dab early in the morning. If you’re a fan of classics like this I would definitely say it’s worth a scoop next time you see some Chem Dog by WTF. By Arturo Delgado.

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