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Cannabis: The Gateway Drug

Marijuana… the gateway drug, or so we’ve been told for several upon several years now. We have been told by two-faced individuals that if you smoke marijuana, there’s a very good chance you will move on to other drugs like crack, cocaine, heroin, and others.

Hold up. So where does the term ‘gateway drug’ even come from? Well, the term ‘gateway drug’ was coined by an anti-drug activist named Robert Dupont around the 1930s and became popularized around 1975. During that moment in US History, alcohol was also considered a gateway drug. If you’re like me, you’re asking yourself, “Why is alcohol no longer considered a gateway drug?” Well, the answer is simple. Look at the profits, look at the money that alcohol brings to the government. They can’t stand by and say something is bad while publicly profiting from its sale. It all boils down to how the government can profit more and how the government can And without being obvious control the population. So what better way to keep people away from a quality natural medicine man to demonize it, shun it, and call it a gateway drug.

If you have ever used cannabis, you know it does not fit the definition of what the government calls a gateway drug, but it does fit my definition of a gateway drug and I’m sure after you read a little more you will agree and maybe even help change the stigma. Let’s take what they have given us that’s bad and turn it into something positive and educational.

Let’s educate and spread some knowledge using the term gateway drug. Because it is a gateway drug. That’s right, I just said cannabis is a gateway drug. It is a gateway drug to happiness, it is a gateway drug to pain free and/or less pain living, and it’s also a gateway to sobriety. How many of you know somebody that struggles from depression, PTSD, chronic pain, and/or addiction? I can safely say, I probably know somebody that struggles with each one of those. I can also tell you a little about one of my good friends who has had his life saved by cannabis. He has used cannabis to get off of alcohol and to get off of pills. The alcohol and the pills are pushed in our faces and down our throats on a daily basis everywhere we turn and look. You’ve got alcohol at every store and every corner gas station. You have over the counter pills everywhere and you have doctors that write prescriptions like they’re going out of style and they don’t want to be stuck with the last prescription pad on earth. So all of these legal things are causing horrible addiction, horrible medical issues, and even death. So, I would be safe to say that cannabis is definitely a gateway drug to health. A gateway drug to a long and happy life.

There are a lot of athletes in different sports that would definitely agree about what I say. A lot of athletes are speaking out about how they use cannabis as part of their routine. Cannabis doesn’t make everybody lazy and worthless. A lot of athletes have come forward saying that cannabis has helped them in numerous ways like pain and injuries, but it is also helping them focus and train harder. More and more athletes are even getting sponsored by cannabis and cannabis related companies.

Happiness is crucial for healthiness, they say. So, if that’s true, smoking can be a gateway to both happiness and healthiness. When have you ever seen a group of friends sitting around smoking a joint, then all agree to go buy and smoke some crack cocaine? Well, I can say I’ve been around a lot of people smoking and not once heard that come up. I can definitely say I’ve heard some crazy things come from there mouth and even my mouth though. Things like, “Wow, how about a burger with pancakes as the bun?” and everyone busts out laughing… so another point proven. Cannabis is a gateway drug to happiness too. Especially if I get that pancake burger soon. Just kidding on that one.

Don’t be a follower, be an educator and even a trend setter. Go out and tell the world about cannabis the gateway drug. If we don’t get out and educate if we don’t get out and go public with cannabis and make a big deal about it, who is? It is our job to educate and like I always say “unite not fight.”


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