Cannabis Strains, Names, and When They Matter

Grape Ape, Jack Herrer, Cinderella 99, White Rhino, Blue Dream – these are just a few of the strains I can recall from my time at the caregiver co-op. Our caregivers grew a fairly wide variety of cannabis, under the supervision of our grow masters, which allowed our patients to find something appropriate to their needs. Usually, patients would find a favorite strain or two that worked best for them and we would know exactly what to get them when they came in. On the occasion that we didn’t have what they wanted available, knowing their preferred strains made it easier to make recommendations for replacements.

My experience with cannabis started when I was 16 and all I knew was that I was smoking pot. If we called it anything, we called it dirt weed. By the time I was 19 or 20 and had discovered where my mom “hid” her stash – thanks, momma – I had somehow learned that I had upgraded from dirt weed to “‘dro”. I do not remember how this information entered my brain – or if what my mom had at the time even was hydroponically grown – but I do know that I could tell the difference between what I was now pinching off of my mother and what my friends and I were smoking behind the hookah lounge. Not only were the effects stronger and the onset quicker, visually the differences were striking. I was most familiar with dry, brownish, vaguely square-shaped things akin to buds, not the super pungent nuggets of varying shades of green that ranged in smell and texture. Pretty much all of the dirt weed looked the same.