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Blackwater OG Badder by Haze Cannabis Co.

Blackwater OG | 1 gram Badder Haze Cannabis Co. | Where: Oasis Cannabis

Every strain reacts differently when processed with hydrocarbons. This Blackwater OG flower retained a smooth texture and flavorful terpene profile, tasting sweet and nutty, much like the OG flower itself. Blackwater OG is a potent indica hybrid crossed from Mendo Purps x SFV Kush. This Kush is characterized by fairly large, wide budding flowers that have a strong purple color peppered with orange pistils. This uplifting strain keeps me feeling energetic while also providing strong muscular relief throughout my body. The name comes as a tribute to the notorious security firm in the news during the Bush era. I’ve known these genetics to grow well in a number of environments where it develops complex flavors from living soils and other growing mediums. This Blackwater badder was my top choice of the three we purchased from Haze. By Michael Cassini@EditorInCheef.


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