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Black Banana x GMO Live Hash Rosin Jam by Good Things Coming

Black Banana x GMO | Live Hash Rosin Jam  Good Things Coming | Where: The Mint Dispensary

Every time I have had this strain in rosin form, it has always been fire and this gram of jam from Good Things Coming was no exception. At 50 a gram, this is probably one of the most affordable solventless products in the state. The scent was more earthy with a hint of sweetness and touch of garlic. The flavor was a little bit stronger on the garlic with the sweet earthy turning to more of a banana peel like flavor on the backend of the exhale. The effects were definitely sedative and very strong. I recommend this strain for night time use or to help relax. Be on the lookout for more strains and consistencies dropping at The Mint and Sol Flower locations. By Arturo Delgado @tookkie_terpenestein.


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